12 Uses for Dr. Bronners Castile Soap

top uses for Dr. Bronners

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12 Uses for Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap

You probably already know that you can use Dr. Bronners as a regular soap. What you may not know is that there are actually dozens of uses for Dr. Bronners castile soap! It’s a cleaner, awesome for babies and kids, and so much more. Keep reading to find out my top 12 uses for Dr. Bronners.

Where to buy Dr. Bronners

I used to buy mine through Thrive Market whenever I placed an order. Lately I’ve just been purchasing through Amazon Prime, because I like the two day deliver. It does cost a little bit more on Amazon, but you can get in in 2 days from Amazon and don’t have to have a Thrive Market membership. You can check out my Thrive Market vs. Amazon Prime comparison here. Dr. Bronners is also available at health food stores, and some Wal-Mart and Target stores,. If you’re sensitive to smells or want to use your own essential oils, they also offer an unscented version.

Top 12 Uses for Dr. Bronners

So what are the uses for Dr. Bronners? If you look on the bottle, you will see that they say it can be used for just about anything! While this may be a stretch, I have found that this special soap does have many uses and will save quite a bit of money on cleaning supplies! Here are just a few uses for Dr. Bronners that work well for me:

1. Baby Wash

If you’re cautious about what you put on your babies skin, good for you! Dr. Bronners is a mild and gentle baby wash. It is 100% natural and safe on their sensitive skin. I also use it to wash my kids hair (and sometimes my own!) Lavender is a safe scent for babies, I would avoid peppermint for the little ones. If you’d like to avoid all scents, try the Baby Mild version! Use an old shampoo bottle and dilute with 1/4 to 1/2 water, it will last a long time!

2. Shaving

This is, hands down, my favorite use for Dr. Bronners. It seems like an odd one, but this is the best shaving “gel” (it isn’t actually a gel) that I have ever used! I have been using Dr. Bronners for shaving purposes for years. I don’t use any kind of dilution ration for shaving, but you’ll only need a tiny bit.

3. All-purpose Cleaner

I dilute the soap with water and use it as an all-purpose cleaner. My two little ones, who are 4 and 6, LOVE to help “spray.” I would much rather have “help” with a gentle, safe cleaner than with something full of chemicals! Plus, it works extremely well! I haven’t found a store-bought all purpose cleaner that can beat this, and it costs so much less!

4. Dishwashing soap

I was really surprised about this one, but it works quite well! Good-bye Dawn! Dilute Dr. Bronners 10:1 with water in an recycled dish detergent bottle. I used an old bottle of Dawn, and used coconut oil and a scrubber to get the gunk off of the bottle. I only pull out the Dawn for the extra big or oily messes now.

5. Stain Remover

I have used Dr. Bronners to remove red wine from a carpet! I used a 1:1 ratio and scrubbed for a few minutes. It really worked! It also works great on clothes and linens. Just scrub a small amount (mixed 1:1) with water directly on the stain and wash.

6. Mopping

Another great use for Dr. Bronners is as a floor cleaner. Use approximately 1/4 cup of Dr. Bronners with 2-3 gallons of hot water for clean floors.

7. Body/Face Wash

This is probably one of the more obvious uses, but it’s a good one! Dr. Bronners lathers very well, so a little bit goes a long way! I find that it lasts the longest and works just as well if you dilute about 3/4 of the bottle with water and add Dr Bronners.

8. Fruit & Veggie Wash

Use 1 squirt of Dr. Bronners in a sink full of cold water and use as a fruit and veggie wash. I also add some vinegar for an extra boost. Using this combination helps get rid of any residue on the fruits and vegetables. It is important to wash your fruits and vegetables, especially if they are not organic.

9. Shampoo

This one is a little further “out there” but it’s really not that crazy. Ingredients in conventional shampoos can cause irritation and issues for some people. Many, including myself, have had great luck with using Dr. Bronners as a shampoo replacement!

10. Dog wash

Make sure to use the unscented version, most essential oils are not meant for dogs! I am not an expert in this area, but check out Using Essential Oils Safely on Pinterest for more information regarding essential oils and pets! In the meantime, the unscented Dr. Bronners is great for keeping your furry friend looking and smelling clean!

11. Ant Spray

Add 1/4 cup of Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Oil (or add 5-6 drops of your own tea tree oil to any other kind) to a spray bottle and fill with water. Use this spray anywhere that you have an ant problem. Be careful using this around plants, it can kill them! I love using Tea Tree Oil for cleaning, but I don’t particularly like using for for bath and body because the smell takes some getting used to! I use (and highly recommend) Plant Therapy essential oils.

12. Plant Spray

1 teaspoon of unscented castile soap in a spray bottle of water makes a great organic pesticide for your plants! You can use other scented versions, but make sure to not use a high concentration as that is not good for your plants!

How do you use Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap? I’d love to have more ideas! Make sure to share yours in the comments.

I've been looking for this! The top 12 uses for Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap. I never knew that there were so many uses for Dr. Bronners!


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    1. Hey Lydia!

      I actually don’t dilute it for shampoo, but I use a very small amount. It’s kind of strange to use at first, because it isn’t typical shampoo consistency. That being said, it works very well as a shampoo replacement.


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