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30 day minimalism challenge

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30 Day Minimalism Challenge

You may have heard of The Minimalists, they have a popular blog and podcast. I will admit that I am definitely not a minimalist, but I do look to simplify and declutter whenever I possibly can. Maybe someday I will be a real minimalist, like when my kids are grown. ­čÖé I will be posting one a week over the next 4 weeks with my progress. I will also be posting daily on Instagram, so┬ámake sure to follow me and check that out. If you’re looking for a fun 30 day minimalism challenge, keep reading!

How to start:

This month, my friend Andrea from To Simplicity and I are participating in the #minsgame challenge. You can find all the details over here, but it’s very simple. In this 30 day minimalism challenge, you are going to get rid of lots of extra junk. On day 1, you get rid of one item. You might sell it, donate it, or throw it away. The goal is to have it out of your house by midnight. Personal note, some of what I am donating will go into a donation bag. It might not make it out of my house by midnight, but it will get dropped off once the bag is full. I’ve done this before┬áand have never dragged anything out of the bag, so this works for me. On day 2, you will get rid of two items, 3 items on day three, and so on. It will start getting complicated once we are a couple of weeks in!

30 day minimalism challenge. Let's start 2017 with decluttering and getting rid of the excess! Make sure to check out this post and follow my daily challenge on Instagram.

My husband and I spent the last weekend going through his closet and some of our garage. That is how we spent my 30th birthday and New Years. We know how to party. The good news is we donated four full trash bags, gave away two more bags, and threw away more than our garbage can would hold. The good news is we got a lot of stuff out of our house! The bad news is that the next month might be a little harder!

Are you in?

I will post a weekly update on here, but I am posting daily on Instagram. My weekly update will include pictures and my thoughts on the process so far. Have you thought about completing a 30 day minimalism challenge? Why not join us? Even if it’s the middle of the month, you can always start wherever you are at. Make sure to check out the #minsgame hashtag on social media and follow Andrea and I on Instagram for more inspiration. Who is ready to have less clutter in 2017?

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