The Best Household Items from Thrive Market

besthousehold items from Thrive Market

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Balancing a healthy lifestyle and living on a budget can be tough. It’s difficult to justify spending money on healthier choices, but you know that it’s worth it for your family. Well, I found a solution for getting better deals on healthy household items. You may already know that Thrive Market offers wholesale prices on healthy food. Thrive Market also has some incredible deals on healthy and natural household items. I compiled a list of some of the best household items from Thrive Market below. These are my personal favorites, but make sure to dig around the Thrive Market website for even more!

The Best Household Items from Thrive Market

  • Essential oils – Thrive Market has a great selection of essential oils. I recommend the Aura Cacia brand for skincare, but using the NOW brand is just fine for cleaning or if you’re on a very tight budget.


  • Fluoride-Free toothpaste – I recently purchased this Kiss my Face whitening toothpaste and I love it! Some natural toothpastes leave something to be desired. This one is definitely the exception. If you’re looking for a great fluoride-free toothpaste, look no further! There are also several other Kiss My Face products at excellent prices.



  • Eco-Friendly Diapers – If you like the idea of using earth-friendly diapers, but don’t like the cost, Thrive Market is a great solution. These 7th Generation diapers cost about the same as a bag of Huggies from any other store. I have used 7th Generation and I recommend them.


  • Vitamins and Supplements – Thrive has a great selection of Vitamins and Supplements. I honestly don’t take many supplements but I do believe that a good probiotic is important. I did some quick comparisons and the supplement prices on Thrive Market are the best prices around.


  • Thrive Starter Kits –  I stumbled on these during my research. There is a new mom kit, a gluten-free kit, several other diet kits like Paleo and Vegan, and also a home care kit. All of these starter kits would make great gifts, or a good way to try out some items for yourself at an even bigger discount! The Aromatherapy kit is another excellent value. I have the oil diffuser and I highly recommend it. It also comes with 4 organic oils which makes it an awesome value at under $50.

These are just a few of the best household items from Thrive Market. If you haven’t tried Thrive Market yet, don’t forget that you get can a FREE 30 day trial. Thrive is also offering my readers a FREE jar of Nutiva coconut oil with your first order. Shipping is only $1.95. Click on this link to get this awesome deal! This offer expires on March 25th, so make sure to use it before it’s gone!

What are you ordering from Thrive Market? Let me know some of the best deals that you have found in the comments!

How to save money on healthy and natural household items. These are, in my opinion, the best household items from Thrive Market! I love using Thrive Market for household items, because I have found that they offer the best price around.

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