5 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

5 year old birthday gift ideas | gift ideas for 5 year olds | what to buy a 5 year old for birthday

5 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Fun Fact: All six of our kids have birthdays in May-August. This means that “birthday season” is kicking off at our house today. We actually aren’t doing big birthday gifts or parties this year, but instead we are taking all the kids on a summer trip and celebrating with activities instead of gifts. Even though that is what we are doing, I wanted to share some birthday ideas for all the birthday parties that you might be attending this summer.


Miss M is turning 5 today, so I am kicking it off with 5 year old birthday gift ideas. All of the items listed are from Amazon, although you can purchase most of them anywhere. If you don’t currently have Amazon Prime, you can try it for free for 30 days. Use this link to get your Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. I am including gift ideas for girls and boys, my daughter is pretty girly, but lots of girls like trucks and dinosaurs too!

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5 Easy Swaps for Earth Day

5 Simple Swaps that you can make this Earth Day (and every day!) for a greener, cleaner life. | The biggest problem with any lifestyle change is that sometimes we try to do it at all at once and then get frustrated and stop. Taking simple steps and making simple changes are the best way to transition into a earth-friendly lifestyle.

I am finally back from Hawaii and getting back to focusing on the blog full time. I am so excited to share some of my third trip to the Big Island along with travel tips and ideas. May will be filled with travel tips and ideas, as well as many other ideas for summer fun. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest or sign up for my weekly newsletter for all the latest!

For now, I wanted to do a special post because of Earth Day. Any type of lifestyle change can be challenging, but will seem more more attainable if you take small steps. The following are 5 easy swaps for a greener, cleaner lifestyle. All of these swaps are things that I have done, or currently do and the best part is they’re all really simple!

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4 Things You Should Do Every Day

The 4 Things You Should Do Every Day for Maximum Productivity

Every day has 24 hours, but some seem to be so much shorter than the others. These 4 things you should do every day will help you maximize those hours in the day, and get organized from the time that you wake up. I’m not a time management expert, but between balancing a family, working from home & a photography business, I do try to keep things as organized as possible.

There are a few tricks that I have learned that can help maximize productivity. I also like to start with coffee, before anything else! Here are the 4 things that you should do every day (after coffee) for a more productive day.

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Cloth Diapering 101 | How to use wool diaper covers

how to use wool diaper covers, how to use wool cloth diaper covers, how to use wool with cloth diapers, wool diaper covers

How to use wool diaper covers

Have you ever wondered how to use wool diaper covers with cloth diapers? Have you ever wondered why on earth someone would use a wool cover?  If you are new to cloth diapering or if you are considering it, you may be curious about wool. Wool is used as a cover for cloth diapers. Wool covers can be in the form of soakers, shorties, longies, and a few other options. There are many variations of wool covers, but they all do the same thing.

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Cloth Diapering 101 | How to wash Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapering 101: How to wash cloth diapers. A beginners series all about cloth diapers, don't forget to check out part 1!

Welcome to the Cloth Diapering 101 Series! Part two is all about how to wash cloth diapers. Make sure to check out Part 1 – Different Types of Cloth Diapers.

I believe that the number one reason why parents don’t stick with cloth diapering is laundry issues. Diaper laundry can be extremely simple once you get in to a routine, but finding a routine that works for you can be challenging. What works for one family may not work for another. Washing cloth diapers can seem very complicated for the beginner. I created this post to explain diaper laundry as simply as possible. Here are some common questions that a new cloth diapering parent might have about laundry.

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Cloth Diapering 101 – Types of Cloth Diapers

types of cloth diapers

Cloth diapering can get very confusing, especially when you’re just starting out. There are so many different types of cloth diapers, it can be overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is; every parent is different, and every child is different. Something that works great for someone else may not work for you and your baby.  Try not to get too overwhelmed by all of the information out there. Just take it one day at a time. For those of you that have heard about different kinds of cloth diapers but aren’t sure what is what, here is a simple breakdown. I am also including a link to each type of cloth diapersfor further reference.

Part 2 is here now! Cloth Diapering 101 | How to wash cloth diapers

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How to be a morning person | Wake up early & Be more productive!

how to be a morning person

Do you use Timehop? I do, and I often look back at posts where I say something like “It’s so early, I can’t believe I’m up!” I look at the post time, maybe 6:30AM, and I laugh. I’m definitely a morning person, but it hasn’t always been that way. When I was 19 or 20, I thought having to be at work at 8:00AM was terrible. Five or six years ago, waking up early was a struggle, even though I was doing it more consistently. How to be a morning person.

Fast forward to now. I very rarely sleep past 6, and most mornings I am awake around 4:30AM. I became a morning person out of necessity, but over the past year of consistently waking up early I have realized that I am far more productive. I firmly believe that waking up early leads to a productive day. Here are the lessons that I have learned in how to be a morning person.

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Decluttering Series | How to Purge & Organize Kids Clothes

Decluttering Series | How to purge and organize kids clothes

How to Organize Kids Clothes

Welcome to the 2nd installment of my de-cluttering series: How to purge and organize kids clothes. As I mentioned before, this isn’t the beginning of my decluttering journey, but somewhere in the middle. I have gone through the kids clothes before, but this time I have more of a purpose and a plan. I went through the little ones clothes last week, so his aren’t pictured here. Most of what I did today was with my four year old daughters clothes. The “big boys” don’t really have an excess of clothes either, so I am leaving that for now.

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Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas

Non-candy Easter basket ideas

Are you looking for some non-candy Easter basket ideas ? Sometimes kids have allergies, are on special diets, or just eat too much crap around holidays where we don’t want to buy them even more candy! I personally don’t plan to put any much candy in my kids Easter baskets this year. Maybe it’s because I am a mean mom, but between school, grandparents, etc., I think they have enough candy. I also prefer to buy two or three nicer things that they actually need and will use, instead of lots of little junk.

Whatever your reason, here are a few of my favorite non-candy Easter basket ideas!

  1. Water Bottles: A Funtainer water bottle from Amazon. My kids LOVE these! We have a couple of the smaller ones, but I am going to buy the bigger size for all three of my kids. I am thinking about Jurassic World, Frozen, and Star Wars. There are plenty of character bottles to choose from, as well as plain colored bottles.
  2.  Small toys: Some of our favorite toys are by Melissa and Doug.  My 7 year old son loves his Discovery magic kit, and my 4 year old daughter loves her princess stamp set. You can search toys by age, and use the code CLASSICBOGO to get 50% off classic toys when you buy one. My personal favorite would be the puzzles! The blocks, banana, and paint set in the image above are all Melissa and Doug!
  3. Books: You can never go wrong with books! Encourage reading by adding fun books with topics that your kids enjoy, like this Jurassic World dinosaur field guide.
  4. Allergy-friendly cookies: While these cookies aren’t healthy by any means, but they are gluten, dairy, nut and soy free! They’re also my favorite. 🙂
  5. Lip Balm: My daughter LOVES her EOS lip balm, and so do most other kids! I think this 4-pack is really cute.
  6. Hair accessories: If you have a little girl, hair accessories are a great Easter basket idea! We have some of these Sara Grace Accessories headbands from YEARS ago and they’re still holding up very well! I featured one of those in the picture above as well.

Still need ideas? Try some of these.

  • Crayons
  • Chalk
  • Nail Polish
  • Play food
  • Play dough
  • Hot Wheels Cars
  • Thomas & Friends Trains
  • Socks
  • Stamps
  • Movie Tickets
  • Lego’s
  • Sunglasses
  • Band-aids
  • Fruit cups
  • Barbie accessories
  • Bracelet
  • Bubbles
  • DVD/Video Games
  • Magnets
  • T-shirts
  • ELF Makeup

If you do Easter baskets, what will you be filling them with this year? I would love to hear most Easter basket ideas! Let me know in the comments!
Great Toys For All Ages At MelissaAndDoug.com



My favorite non-candy Easter Basket ideas!

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