Age appropriate chores for kids + a free printable chore chart!

age appropriate kids chores plus a free chore chart printable

This age appropriate chores list has been highly requested since I wrote “How to get kids to do chores.” This is just a guideline, and every household and every child are different! However, this is a great starting point to figuring out age appropriate chores for kids.

My daughter was able to do most chores at a much younger age than either of my sons. My youngest is no where near where either of his siblings were at his age. You know your child best, and you will be able to figure out what they’re ready for. If they’ve never done a chore in their life, don’t expect them to pick up and do everything perfectly from the start. This is why it’s so important to start early! If you haven’t, that’s okay too, just start slowly wherever you’re at.

I created a free printable of this list, along with a free chore chart that can be customized for your child! Make sure to read to the bottom of the page, so that you don’t miss it!

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Save lots of money on household items! | Subscribe and Save Tips

subscribe and save tips

Subscribe and Save tips

If you have an Amazon subscription but are not taking advantage of the Subscribe and Save program, you’re going to want to read this! I’ve been an Amazon subscriber for years, but only started utilizing Subscribe and Save about two years ago. I hope that these subscribe and save tips will help you save a lot of money!
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Travel Essentials for Summer

travel essentials for summer

Travel Essentials for Summer

Travel is a big part of summer, and it’s a big part of my blog! Some of my travel posts are doing quite well on Pinterest right now, and I’d like share some more tips with you. Today I am going to be talking about travel essentials. When it comes to travel, I try to stick to a minimalist packing list. I don’t like carrying a lot of stuff with me.

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30 day Minimalism Challenge | The Minimalists | #minsgame

30 day minimalism challenge

30 Day Minimalism Challenge

You may have heard of The Minimalists, they have a popular blog and podcast. I will admit that I am definitely not a minimalist, but I do look to simplify and declutter whenever I possibly can. Maybe someday I will be a real minimalist, like when my kids are grown. 🙂 I will be posting one a week over the next 4 weeks with my progress. I will also be posting daily on Instagram, so make sure to follow me and check that out. If you’re looking for a fun 30 day minimalism challenge, keep reading!

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Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge vs. Vega Chocolate Protein and Greens

plant based protein comparison

Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge vs. Vega Chocolate Protein and Greens – Plant Based Protein Comparison

I have exciting news! I decided to start a YouTube channel and share some of my blogs in a video format. I hope that you enjoy these vlogs and that you subscribe to my channel.

In my first video, I am comparing two plant based protein powders. Orgain creamy chocolate fudge vs. vega chocolate protein and greens. Which one is better? Watch the video below to find out!

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Decluttering Series | A Minimal Wardrobe – The KonMari way

A Minimal Wardrobe | The KonMari Way

If you haven’t read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Mari Kondo, I strongly suggest that you grab a copy! I am working on another blog post about The Konmari method – with kids, so keep an eye out for that too. The Konmari method is fairly simple, you purge the unnecessary and only keep what “sparks joy.” I consider it minimalism with a purpose.

I recently went through my closet, several times, and weeded out the all of the things that I didn’t love, or didn’t wear. I was looking for a minimal wardrobe, the KonMari way. Honestly, the results were pretty shocking.

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4 Things You Should Do Every Day

The 4 Things You Should Do Every Day for Maximum Productivity

Every day has 24 hours, but some seem to be so much shorter than the others. These 4 things you should do every day will help you maximize those hours in the day, and get organized from the time that you wake up. I’m not a time management expert, but between balancing a family, working from home & a photography business, I do try to keep things as organized as possible.

There are a few tricks that I have learned that can help maximize productivity. I also like to start with coffee, before anything else! Here are the 4 things that you should do every day (after coffee) for a more productive day.

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9 Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move

moving tips

9 Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move

I am almost a professional mover. Not the kind of professional mover that gets paid to move other people. I have moved at least 25 times (I lost count) mostly when I was younger and then as an adult before I had kids. We are getting ready for a move to another state, and I am trying to gather some moving tips to help make the process simpler. Moving isn’t fun, plain and simple. However, there are a few moving tips that you can use to make the process a little easier.

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Why I chose a Thrive Market Subscription

Thrive Market Review | Why I chose a Thrive Market membership and why you should too

Thrive Market Review

If you’ve been to my blog before, you may have seen a reference here and there to Thrive Market. I wanted to do a full Thrive Market review. I want to share with my readers why I chose a Thrive Market subscription, and why you should too!

If you don’t know about Thrive Market, they offer real, healthy and wholesome food at Wholesale prices. Another very cool aspect of Thrive Market is that for every subscription purchased, Thrive donates another membership to a teacher or a family in need.

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HuHot Gluten Free Menu | My Favorite Allergy Friendly Restaurant

HuHot Gluten Free Options | My Favorite restaurant for delicious food without all the gluten

HuHot Mongolian Grill has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. After discovering that I had Celiac disease, I was very happy to discover that there were many HuHot gluten free options!

I recently visited a HuHot in Tulsa, Oklahoma and realized that they have done a huge overhaul on their menu. Now, all of the “signature sauces” are gluten free. This is an amazing update for two reasons! First, those of us who have celiac or gluten sensitives/allergies can now have all of the delicious sauces. Second, the risk for cross-contamination has gone down substantially. I e-mailed the company and received a very prompt response that all signature sauces are now gluten free at all locations.

While HuHot gluten free options are abundant, it is important to note that HuHot is not a completely gluten free restaurant. I think that this is a good thing, because you can go out with your non-allergy friends, and they don’t have to feel like they’re missing out at all.

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The Best Way To Wash Fruit

The best way to wash fruit

Everyone probably knows by now that it’s best to limit exposure to pesticides. The Dirty Dozen by the Environmental Working Group let’s you know the the top 12 fruits and vegetables that currently have the most pesticide residue. The best option is to purchase these items organic, but sometimes it’s difficult to find organic products or just too expensive. This is my favorite way to wash conventional fruits and vegetables, but you can use it on organics too! For organics, I typically only rinse with cold water.

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The Best Household Items from Thrive Market

besthousehold items from Thrive Market

Balancing a healthy lifestyle and living on a budget can be tough. It’s difficult to justify spending money on healthier choices, but you know that it’s worth it for your family. Well, I found a solution for getting better deals on healthy household items. You may already know that Thrive Market offers wholesale prices on healthy food. Thrive Market also has some incredible deals on healthy and natural household items. I compiled a list of some of the best household items from Thrive Market below. These are my personal favorites, but make sure to dig around the Thrive Market website for even more!

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Gluten Free Chicken Casserole

I will be posting a new gluten free recipe every Monday. Make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter so that you don’t miss out!

Gluten Free Chicken Casserole

This gluten free chicken casserole is one my favorite slow cooked meals! It is inexpensive, simple to make, and the ingredients can be adjusted based on what you have in your pantry or freezer. I adapted this from a recipe that I found over at A year of slow cooking.

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How to Go Gluten Free | 7 steps to get started

how to go gluten free

How To Go Gluten Free

Going gluten free can be incredibly challenging. I have been eating completely gluten free since early 2012, and I remember how difficult it was to start. There is gluten in everything! Today I am sharing 7 tips on how to go gluten free.

My story: I suspected that I was having some issues with gluten in early 2012. I had struggled with digestive issues for most of my life, and despite seeing more than one doctor, I was left with no answers. I decided to try cutting gluten from my diet in a desperate attempt to start to feel normal again. Although I didn’t get an official diagnosis until 2013, I knew almost immediately that gluten had been the source of all of my problems. It was hard for me to cut out gluten. I hear people say “I could never do that” but I assure you, if I can do it, you can do it. My diet was based around foods like pasta, bread, and more pasta.

Maybe you, like me, suspect that you have a problem with gluten. Maybe you have an official diagnosis from a doctor and are trying to figure out where to start. I want to share my best tips for how to go gluten free with you. It’s a difficult journey, but it has been so rewarding and worth it. Going gluten free changed my life.

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