12 Uses for Dr. Bronners Castile Soap

uses for Dr. Bronners

12 Uses for Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap

Have you heard of Dr. Bronners castile soap? It’s the soap with all of the crazy labels! What you may not know is that there are dozens of uses for Dr. Bronners castile soap! I buy mine through Thrive Market when I am placing an order, but if I don’t have enough to get free shipping I just order through Amazon Prime. It does cost a little bit more on Amazon, but you can get in in 2 days from Amazon and don’t have to have a Thrive Market membership. Dr. Bronners is also available at health food stores, and some Wal-Mart and Target stores also carry the line. I purchase mine through Thrive because I have found that they offer the best price. If you’re sensitive to smells or want to use your own essential oils, they also offer an unscented version.

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So what are the uses for Dr. Bronners? If you look on the bottle, you will see that they say it can be used for just about anything! While this may be a stretch, I have found that this special soap does have many uses and will save quite a bit of money on cleaning supplies! Here are just a few uses for Dr. Bronners that work for me:

1. Baby Wash

If you’re cautious about what you put on your babies skin, good for you! Dr. Bronners is a mild and gentle baby wash. It is 100% natural and safe on their sensitive skin. I also use it to wash my kids hair (and sometimes my own!) Lavender is a safe scent for babies, I would avoid peppermint for the little ones. If you’d like to avoid all scents, try the Baby Mild version! Use an old shampoo bottle and dilute with 1/4 to 1/2 water, it will last a long time!

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