Decluttering Series | How to Purge & Organize Kids Clothes

Decluttering Series | How to purge and organize kids clothes

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How to Organize Kids Clothes

Welcome to the 2nd installment of my de-cluttering series: How to purge and organize kids clothes. As I mentioned before, this isn’t the beginning of my decluttering journey, but somewhere in the middle. I have gone through the kids clothes before, but this time I have more of a purpose and a plan. I went through the little ones clothes last week, so his aren’t pictured here. Most of what I did today was with my four year old daughters clothes. The “big boys” don’t really have an excess of clothes either, so I am leaving that for now. organize kids clothes

Miss M is in the process of growing from a size 4 to a size 5. This is my process for going through clothes before a seasonal change:How to purge and organize kids clothes. My method for keeping keeps clothing minimal and organized!

  • Throw away any badly stained or worn clothing
  • Donate or sell anything that is too small but still good condition
  • Put away sea
    sonal clothes that will fit next year
  • Go through clothes that currently fit and decide what you want to keep

The first thing that I do is make 4 piles.

  1. Keep for now
  2. Keep for later
  3. Throw away
  4. Donate/sell.

Today I only had one throw away item, an entire bag of donate items, and two Hanna Andersson dresses to sell. If either the “keep for now” or “keep for later” pile is too big, it’s important to go through and purge the unnecessary. I know that some people may not agree with me, but kids really don’t need endless amounts of clothes. I do laundry almost every day, and little ones grow out of things quickly. After I make my initial piles, I go through and re-check the “keep” items. If there are duplicates, or anything that I don’t like (or that they don’t like) it will go in the donate pile.

I went one step further today and put their clothes on different hangers. I used pink for M and blue for G. I have a big pile of white, green, and lighter blue hangers that will be donated. I am not keeping very many extra hangers, if new items come in, old items will need to go out. I am keeping more items for G than I am for M. She is two years older, and more careful with her clothes. Little G seems to go through at least 3 shirts on most days, so he needs more extras!

While going through items, it is good to make a list of items that might be needed. For example, M only has one pair of shorts for the summer. She has several dresses, so she only needs two or three pairs. Now that I know she will need some shorts, I can keep an eye out for good deals.

Now that I have gone through everything, it’s time to organize!


how to purge and organize kids clothes

Our “keep for later” basket. Mostly size 5 and 6 jeans, sweatshirts, and long sleeve outfits. This went to the top shelf of their closet.

Decluttering Series | How to purge and organize kids clothes

Dresses, and short sleeved shirts hanging in the closet. I put “play clothes” in the dresser.

Decluttering Series | How to purge and organize kids clothes

This dresser drawer has shorts, skirts under garments, and play clothes.

Decluttering Series | How to purge and organize kids clothes

Jeans, leggings, and play clothes. I also added a few long sleeve shirts for M to wear until it warms up!

The “right amount” of clothes for kids depend on a variety of factors. Everyone just has to figure out what works best for their own families. I haven’t figured out a magic number for us, but I am hoping that minimizing hangers will help us to keep our clothes to a reasonable amount! Most of what I worked on today is for spring/summer. It isn’t quite spring yet, so I did keep some long pants and long sleeved shirts in her drawer.

I hope this can help to inspire someone to start digging through their own stuff and getting rid of the excess! If you have decluttering ideas, or ideas for organizing kids clothes, I would love to hear them!

Decluttering Series | How to purge and organize kids clothes

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