How to start a WordPress blog

how to start a wordpress blog

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So you’re here because you want to start a blog. Awesome! Running a blog can be a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. I truly enjoy having a platform to share information with my readers. I have been blogging since 2011, and I really enjoy it. The best part about having a blog is that it can also be profitable. Making money blogging takes a lot of effort, and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, it is a very real way to work from home and have extra income, or even make more money than working outside of the home. The most important thing to remember if you want to have a profitable blog is to be self hosted through Don’t worry, I will walk you through the steps one-by-one!

How to start a blog with! The key to starting a money making blog is to be self hosted. This guide walks you step-by-step through the process. It's very simple to start a blog, even if you aren't very technically savvy!

Use this simple, user-friendly guide to help you navigate the waters of how to start a WordPress blog. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t very technically savvy, starting a blog doesn’t have to be difficult!

How to start a WordPress blog

The first thing you’ll want to do is not sign up for a blog on This is extremely important! does not allow you to be self-hosted (this is a must) and setting up google analytics can be challenging. It is extremely important to be self hosted. Being self hosted on a blog makes you look more professional! It is much easier to set up a site in the beginning than to start with Blogger (I did this) or and have to go back and change everything later. If you are wanting to make money from your blog, being self-hosted on is critical. Advertisers won’t take you seriously if you aren’t self hosted, and again, setting up google analytics can be challenging. Don’t even worry about going to to set up your blog, you can install in directly to your site later. The first step is hosting. How to start a wordpress blog.


I use Bluehost for my hosting services on all three of my websites. I love using Bluehost for my hosting, and I would recommend them to anyone! Set up is simple, and I’ve never had any downtime. If you use my link to sign up, prices start at only $3.95 per month!



I also recommend installing the following plugins on WordPress:

  • Akismet – Use this plugin for protecting your blog from spam.
  • Pinterest Pin It – Install this so that your blog visitors can pin images directly from your blog.
  • Yoast SEO – The best SEO plugin, in my opinion!

There are many other plugins available, but these are the first three that I recommend downloading.

Now you have a blog, and it’s time to come up with content. Good luck with your blog, and let me know where to find you in the comments!

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