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my work from home journey

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How to Make Money from Home

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday! Starting in April, I will be interviewing mom’s and other women who work at home once or twice a month for Thrifty Thursday. Today is a little different, I am going to be telling you about MY work at home journey and my venture in learning how to make money from home. Don’t miss a Thrifty Thursday, subscribe to my weekly newsletter for work-at-home tips sent directly to your inbox!

My work from home journey has been interesting. I have tried several different methods in my venture of learning how to make money from home, and some of them have worked better than others.

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My very first work-from-home experience was selling eBay. I was 18 or 19 years old and I realized that I could make a little bit of extra money selling items on eBay. I sold things like handbags, Victoria’s Secret items, and makeup. I would find sales at retail stores and then re-sell.  I had a full time job at the time, but it was nice to make a little extra.

My next work from home experience was several years later. I started making and selling candles when my oldest son was really young. I did pretty well, but then shipping prices went up and it became more trouble than it was worth to sell my candles online.

Over the next few years (2009-2011) I really dove into the working from home world. I tried several things; I worked with a company that did google search ratings, I started a blog, I began freelance writing, I made and sold bath and body items, and I started doing photography! I didn’t make any money from the blog, or from my bath and body venture. I earned some extra income from freelance writing, and the google rater job was fine but there was rarely any work.

My first successful venture in self-employment was my photography business. I started doing photography in 2010, but I didn’t actually start a business until 2012. My business (which you can check out over at has become more successful every year since 2012!

I have done a few other things to make money from home in the past few years. I still do some freelance writing, and my photography business is still going strong. I have also worked for ModSquad and a few other companies as an independent contractor.

If you’re looking for a little bit of money on the side with minimal effort, I have made several hundred dollars with Swagbucks and Ebates over the last few years! It’s certainly never been a full-time income, but it has been nice to make a little extra cash!

I hope that this post and the upcoming posts inspire you. It is possible to work from home and produce an income. Working from home isn’t a one size fits all situation, there are many avenues for making money at home, you just have to decide which one works for you! It isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly doable.

Of everything that I have done, I have to say that photography and blogging have been my favorite things. Some people work better being their own boss, and some do better with a set schedule and set tasks. Luckily for all of us, there are jobs available for both!

If you’ve worked from home, I’d love to hear about what you did in the comments.

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