We’re Moving! | Our Journey to Oklahoma City

Our journey to Oklahoma City | We're moving!

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Surprise! We’re moving. I can “officially” announce it now we have told close family, jobs, and our landlord. Our journey to Oklahoma City has been a little bit crazy, but it’s happening! This a more of a personal post, so if you’re looking for tips of eating gluten free, working from home, or other stuff, there’s plenty of that here on the blog too!Oklahoma City blogger, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer

Our journey to Oklahoma City started out as a random weekend trip. Brandon and I hadn’t managed to get out of our small town in a couple of months. We weren’t really sure where to go. We considered Chicago, but Chicago in February? No thank you. (Side note, I love Chicago. I spent a few years living in a suburb when I was growing up. I just hate being cold.) Brandon said that I should google how far it was to Oklahoma City, and after finding out it was five hours away we packed up and left on the same day.

Brandon and I love to travel, but what we didn’t expect is how much we would love being in Oklahoma City. Brandon had never been there, and I hadn’t been since 1995. Up until this point, we had been tossing around the idea of much further away, but we knew that move would be a few years out and we weren’t sure if we wanted to wait that long. We had been wanting to move, but we wanted to stay within a drive-able distance of our families.

Shortly before returning home, we briefly talked about how we might like living in Oklahoma City. In the next few weeks, this thought starting becoming a reality. It was the perfect location for where we are at this point in our lives. We are now in the early stages of getting ready to move. I am going through our things, de-cluttering as much as possible, and we’re traveling in between here and there trying to get everything together.

Our move date is set for May 1st, so you will probably see some moving related posts over the next month or so. I plan to add to the de-cluttering series, because neither Brandon or I want to move a bunch of junk to another state!  Moving isn’t new to either of us, but we also have a trip to Hawaii in mid-April to work around that was planned long before the move was even a consideration. If you want to follow our crazy journey, make sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter!

Surprise! We're moving. Read about our slightly crazy


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