Two tips for successful budgeting (that no one talks about!)

how to make money as a mystery shopper

Two Tips for Successful Budgeting

The second installment in my budgeting series, two more tips for successful budgeting. We all know that the key to being successful with money is having a budget. Budgeting, in a nutshell, simply tells your money where to go. It’s a far better option than looking at your bank statements at the end of the month, wondering where your money went. That being said, there are two tips for successful budgeting that are rarely talked about.

If you’re brand new to budgeting, make sure to check out my post: Budgeting 101: How to start a budget.

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How to get kids to do chores + teaching kids about money

how to get kids to do chores

Teaching kids about money

It’s really important to teach kids about money. The general state of money handling in our culture is just bad. It’s our job to teach our kids how to handle money. I am frequently asked “how to get kids to do chores??” Honestly, my kids do chores because I tell them to. More specifically, my kids do chores because they have grown up doing chores and they don’t think anything of it. They know that chores are a part of life, and they accept that. Has it always been that way? No.

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7 ways to make $500 this month

how to make extra money, how to earn money from home, 7 ways to make an extra $500 this month

How to make extra money this month!

Would you like to make at least $500 extra this month? That’s probably why you’re here! Whether money is tight, or you’re just looking for some extra spending money, there are so many ways to earn extra cash! I have personally tried all of these ideas, and I highly recommend them.

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How to save for a vacation | Prioritizing to make travel a reality

How to save for a vacation

My family gets a lot of comments about our travel habits. Most of them are positive, but a few are more along the lines of “I can’t believe you got to go to Hawaii” or “I wish I had the money to blow on vacations like you do” We don’t travel as frequently as some (I wish!) but we are still asked how we are able to afford to do the traveling that we do. The answer is surprisingly simple. Priorities.

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The New YNAB Review

YNAB review

YNAB Review 2017

If you have done any searching for budgeting software, you’ve probably come across YNAB. You may have seen people raving about it (weird, for a budgeting software, right?) Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype? Keep reading my YNAB review 2017 (updated!) to find out more.

I originally purchased YNAB (or You Need A Budget) over over five years ago. I originally wrote this review to compare YNAB 4 to “The New YNAB” but since it’s been out for quite some time, I think that almost everyone is using the new version at this point. This post has been updated as of October 2017 and will continue to update as new features are released.

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