Is Xero good for small business?

Is Xero good for small business? Xero accounting software review

As a small business owner, I am always on the lookout for products and services that will save time and increase productivity. If I said that accounting was my favorite part of being a small business owner, well, I’d be lying. What I was looking for was service that made invoicing, balancing books, and viewing payments that were being made and received simple. Did I find it? Keep reading to find out.

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Koffie Straw Review | My New Favorite Coffee Accessory

Koffie Straw Review

Koffie Straw Review

I recently found Koffie Straw on Instagram and I was instantly intrigued! I just got mine and I wanted to do a Koffie Straw Review post. Since starting the Whole 30, I have been drinking far more coffee than usual. Part of my goal on the Whole 30 was to quit drinking sugary beverages altogether, so I plan to continue drinking coffee every day after the Whole 30 is over. Everyone knows that drinking darker colored beverages can have negative effects on your teeth. Most people also know that using plastic in hot beverages is a huge no-no, unless yo
u like leaching chemicals into your beverages. I hate using plastic with hot food or drinks, and I like buying re-usable products instead of plastic whenever possible. This is where the silicone Koffie Straw comes in.

First impression, I love the packaging. It’s so cute! Every order comes with two Koffie Straws and a little cleaning brush. I really love this because when you buy most re-usable straws they don’t come with any kind of brush to clean them. I usually have to dig into my daughters art stash to find pipe cleaners. The Koffie Straw is also dishwasher safe, which is handy for the lazy among us (me.) They are made to fit perfectly in to-go cups. The rectangle shape fits in to-go lids and they are designed so that most of the coffee won’t touch your front teeth. The straws are 7″ but I was told that they are making a longer version that will be released soon. I usually drink coffee at home out of a mug, or order a smaller coffee when I am out, so the 7″ straw is ideal for me. I have the pink straws and I love the color. I use a glass water bottle with a pink silicone sleeve, so my water bottle matches my Koffie Straw. 🙂 You can also purchase directly from their website in Navy or Plum or order Navy on Amazon.

If you’re interested in keeping your teeth whiter, while using an eco-friendly and re-usable product, I can’t recommend this enough! It’s a cute and fun product, but they are also useful. The Koffie Straw is made very well and I think that it will last quite a while. I have found that most silicone products hold up well and last forever. I sure hope that this does, because I plan to use it every day!


Koffie Straw Review | Where has this been all my life?? If you're a coffee drinker and worried about stains on your teeth, this product is genius!



**Note: Koffie Straw did send me a sample to try got this Koffie Straw Review. I received the item free of charge but I do not receive any type of commission if you purchase this item directly from Koffie Straw. I ONLY review products on the blog that I love and recommend!

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The New YNAB Review

YNAB review

YNAB Review 2017

If you have done any searching for budgeting software, you’ve probably come across YNAB. You may have seen people raving about it (weird, for a budgeting software, right?) Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype? Keep reading my YNAB review 2017 (updated!) to find out more.

I originally purchased YNAB (or You Need A Budget) over over five years ago. I originally wrote this review to compare YNAB 4 to “The New YNAB” but since it’s been out for quite some time, I think that almost everyone is using the new version at this point. This post has been updated as of October 2017 and will continue to update as new features are released.

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House of Flynn Travel Wallet Review

photography bucket list, money saving blog, budgeting blog, healthy eating blog, whole 30 blog, bucket list blog, photography blog, live eat save simplifyIf you are a photographer, a creative, or a lover or really cute bags, you have to check out The House of Flynn! I stumbled on the House of Flynn last
year and in addition to the beautiful products I have also discovered a wonderful community.

The bought a Travel Wallet shortly after they were released. The word “wallet” is a bit of a stretch, this thing is huge! It has slots for plane tickets, passports, and everything else that you could possibly want to take on a trip! This one is genuine black leather with black plaid interior. I wasn’t sure about the interior when I ordered it, but upon arrival I decided that I do like it. The wallet has a large front pocket. I like this pocket because I can put my phone in it. I have a Galaxy Note 4, so my phone doesn’t fit in very many wallets. It seems silly, but I love the pen holder in the middle. I am always digging around in my large camera bag for a pen. There is also a small snapping pocket on the inside, which could be handy for change. The construction on this wallet is very sturdy, and I’m sure that it will last for a long time.

I have a Coach wallet that I love, so this travel wallet won’t be for every day use. My plan is to use it when I am shooting weddings, or when I am traveling. I love the idea of using this for a wedding. I usually have various pieces of paper with the wedding timeline, questionnaire, or portrait shot list. I will be able to fold them in half and put them in the front pocket for easy access. I also have an upcoming trip (I will post another blog with details in the near future) and I am excited to use this wallet for travel!

photography bucket list, money saving blog, budgeting blog, healthy eating blog, whole 30 blog, bucket list blog, photography blog, live eat save simplify
photography bucket list, money saving blog, budgeting blog, healthy eating blog, whole 30 blog, bucket list blog, photography blog, live eat save simplify

This is the travel wallet sitting on top of a 13 inch Macbook. It’s huge!

photography bucket list, money saving blog, budgeting blog, healthy eating blog, whole 30 blog, bucket list blog, photography blog, live eat save simplify

A close up of the card slot details.



This is not an affiliate link, I purchased this wallet at full price. I am simply reviewing it because I love it!

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