Two things you should pay for when starting a blog

Two things you should pay for when you start a blog

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2 things to pay for when you start a blog

There are so many free resources out there for starting a blog. In fact, I created a Pinterest board dedicated to just that! That being said, there are two things that I believe you should pay for when you start a blog. If you want to start a money making blog, spending money when you’re just starting out can be really hard to do. I don’t want you to spend more money than you have to, so these are the two things that have helped me the most when starting my blog.


Even if you don’t pay for anything else, a self-hosted WordPress site is a must! Being self hosted offers you more opportunities when it comes to ad networks and sponsorship’s, and it also makes your blog look more professional. Fortunately, it isn’t that expensive. Use this link to get hosting for only $3.95 a month! I’ve been using BlueHost for my photography website and blogs for quite some time, and I am very happy with the service. I have used several other services, but came back to Bluehost and I highly suggest them to you too!

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Using a Pinterest scheduler isn’t an absolute necessity, but it is the second thing that I recommend paying for when you first start a blog. If you already have a Pinterest account, you can start using BoardBooster right away. If you’re brand new to Pinterest, you should build your account up by adding some content first.

The very first thing that you should do when starting a blog is to make a board for your own pins. You can call it a “best of” or “everything from ((your website))”. Make sure you have great, pinnable images that will make others want to visit your blog!

It is very important to pin your own content, especially to group boards. There are Facebook groups for group boards, or you can find group boards on Pinterest and request to join them. BoardBooster also has a feature for finding group boards in your niche!

Scheduling posts with a service like BoardBooster allows your posts to be pinned throughout the day, without you having to physically sit at the computer. It does take a few minutes to set up, but I am finding it very simple to use. If you’re on the fence about BoardBooster, you can get 30 days for free, so it’s worth checking out!


Two things to pay for when you start a blog | There are tons of free blog resources out there, but here are two things that I think you should pay for. PS. One of them is VERY important!!

One not-as-essential thing to consider

A well designed, pretty theme will make your blog look more professional and make visitors want to check out what you have to offer. A poorly laid out or amateur looking theme just won’t cut it. I don’t think that a paid theme is an essential thing to pay for when starting a blog, but it’s something you’ll want to look into eventually.

Fortunately, there are lots of free themes out there that look great. The only downside to the free themes is that they will display the creators information on them. For a fully professional looking site, you may want to purchase a theme so that you don’t have to display this information. I love ThemeForest and I have gone through them to purchase themes for all of my blogs. This can always be done down the road, but again, it’s something to think about.

If you’ve already started a blog, did you pay for anything when you were just starting out? I know that when I started my first blog, it was a giant pain to purchase a domain later and we never moved it over to WordPress even though we knew we should have. I hope these two things to pay for when you start a blog help you on your own blogging journey! If you’re looking for freebies for new bloggers, you’ll also want to check out this post! I send the latest tips, sales, and updates out in my weekly newsletter, make sure to sign up so that you don’t miss it!



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