What I’m packing for Hawaii

what I'm packing for Hawaii

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I usually post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but this week I am adding an additional Friday post because we are leaving for Hawaii today! So, what am I packing for Hawaii? In two words: not much.

I am not a travel expert, but I do know that packing less = less hassle and no checked bag fees. I like saving money! $35 to check a bag seems pretty crazy, and it’s a huge hassle if you have to change planes. We do have to change planes, twice. My husband and I are each taking one bag as a carry on. I could have taken a bigger bag since mine could technically be considered a personal item, but I decided not to since everything that I needed already fit. This is my third trip to the Big Island, but my husbands first. We are both very excited! So,what am I packing for Hawaii? Keep reading!

What I’m packing for Hawaii

What I'm packing for Hawaii | House of Flynn Evermore bag

I’m packing all of my stuff into my House of Flynn Evermore bag. I love this bag so much! It’s technically a camera bag, although I have used mine for traveling more than as an camera bag. The bonus part of this bag is that my camera, lenses, laptop, and other things are all protected since the bag is meant for cameras. I realize that I sound like I am trying to sell you something, but the House of Flynn doesn’t have affiliates or anything like that, I just really love this as a travel bag! They are pretty pricey, and as a saver it pained me a little bit to spend that much, but it’s 100% worth it. My husband is taking a backpack, which we also plan to use when we are hiking the volcano.

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  • Macbook. I don’t plan to work much while I am on vacation, but I am taking my laptop.
  • Kindle Fire. I just got this 7″ Kindle Fire from Amazon after they lowered the price to $49. I thought it would be nice to read books on my Kindle on the plane.
  • Gorillapod. I plan to use my Gorillapod to take photos of my husband and myself in Hawaii. I’ve had it for years and haven’t used it much, so I am hoping to get some use out of it! My camera isn’t pictured, but I am taking a Canon 6D and a Sigma Art 35 lens. I debated taking other lenses, but I use this one so much that I don’t plan to take anything else.
  • Clothes. I am bringing two pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, 2 tank tops and 2 dresses. I am also taking a sarong that I might use for a bathing suit cover up or as a “blanket” on the plane. I am always cold. Not pictured: bathing suit. I completely forgot to pack it until I saw the picture. I roll my clothes because I find that they fit better, they look wadded up in the picture, but I rolled them up when I put them back in the bag.
  • Makeup bag. I bought 31 Gifts makeup bag years ago. I always used it to hold business cards and pens, but it works really well as a makeup bag! I also have my quart size bag in here (I bought these on Amazon) along with my makeup.
  • Baiji Bottle. You can barely see it in the picture, but I bought a two pack of Baiji bottles for the plane. I bought these water bottles since you can’t bring your own bottled water, and buying it at the airport is outrageous.
  • Various chargers, batteries, a laundry bag, nothing exciting. 

That’s everything! That is what I’m packing for Hawaii. I am bringing a small bag with some snacks in it, but I haven’t even gotten around to packing that yet. If you’d like to see pictures while we are in Hawaii, make sure to follow me on Instagram!

PS. Apologies for the quality of the photos. It was almost completely dark when I took these. 🙂

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