30 day YouTube Challenge

30 day YouTube challenge

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30 day YouTube Challenge

As some of you know, my husband and I recently started our YouTube channel. Yesterday, I started looking for a challenge or something that would help us get used to vlogging regularly. I wasn’t able to find a 30 day YouTube challenge that I liked. The links were either broken, websites hacked, incomplete lists, etc. So, I decided to make my own 30 day YouTube challenge! This challenge can be done at any time, but we’re starting today. If you happen to find this list, you can start at any time. Please use the hashtag #AB30dayYouTubeChallenge when sharing on social media, so that way we can find you!

I can’t take all the credit for this 30 day YouTube challenge. The 30 days was something that I put together, but many of the challenges and tags were made my others. I will link to them below. Mamakatslosingit made a great compilation of YouTube tags and challenges, and many of those were used for this post. Check out her list for inspiration beyond the 30 days. This 30 day YouTube challenge is great for new YouTubers (like us!) but could also be fun for anyone looking to make more videos on a regular basis. The challenge includes several day in the life vlogs, along with popular YouTube challenges and tags. This challenge was originally made in the summer, but feel free to substitute appropriate seasonal challenges or tags as needed.

1. New YouTuber Tag

If you’re new to Youtube, this is a great tag to get started. If you’re not new, make an updated “about me” style video.

2. Day in the life vlog

Start the second day of the challenge with a day in the life vlog. Film parts of your day from waking up to sleeping.

3. Get to know me tag

Do the “get to know me” YouTube tag.

4. Monthly favorites (from last month)

Compile a monthly favorites list from the preview month, talk about the items that you love/

5. Dance with your kids challenge

This one sounds really fun for your parents, and your kids will love it! Let them pick the song. Don’t have kids? Borrow a niece, nephew, neighbor, or a friends kid.

6. Review something

What have you tried that was new lately? It can be a book, an app, or a product. Review it for your audience.

7. Not my arms challenge

The results of this one are always hilarious. Do a makeup tutorial, make a sandwich, or anything else, for the not my arms challenge.

8. Back to school tag

Answer the questions for yourself if you’re in school, or have your kids do it. If it isn’t summer, swap this one out for an appropriate seasonal tag.

9. Day in the life vlog

It’s time for another day in the life vlog.

10. Perfect world tag

Complete the perfect world tag for day 10. Is it getting easier yet?

11. Review a makeup or skincare product

Review a makeup, skincare, or body product that you recently purchased. Tell us why you do or don’t like it.

12. Sunkissed summer tag

Complete the sunkissed summer tag. This one is okay even if it isn’t summer, but you can switch for something else if you’d like.

13. Yoga Partner Challenge

Grab a partner (kid, significant other, friend) and complete a hilarious yoga partner challenge.

14. Day in the life vlog

Another day in the life vlog, don’t forget to include the bloopers!

15. Husband/boyfriend tag

Grab your husband (or significant other) and have them complete the husband/boyfriend tag.

16. Hardest thing about being a mom tag

If you’re not a mom, you can ask your mom or a mom-friend to do this one.

17. Review a book

Choose a book that you recently read. Tell us what you liked or didn’t like about it.

18. This or that summer tag

Day 18 is a pretty simple one, complete the “This or that” summer tag.

19. Review a kids toy

Grab your own kids (or another kid you know) and have them review a toy or game.

20. Make a video talking about a vacation

You have several choices here. Make a video about your favorite vacation. Talk about an upcoming vacation. Share your dream vacation. The choice is yours!

21. Have your kids make a video

Have your kids make a video, let them pick the topic.

22. Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Take the Myers-Briggs personality test. Share a video about your personality type.

23. Day in the life vlog

It’s time for another day in the life vlog, we should be getting good at this by now.

24. Make a routine video

Make a “routine” video. Morning routine, work routine, any kind of routine.

25. Review an app

Review an app that you recently downloaded. Share what you like or don’t like about it.

26. Back to school tips

Share back to school tips, shopping tips, or anything related to back to school.

27. I heart summer tag

Complete the I Heart Summer YouTube tag. Not summer? Switch it with something seasonally appropriate.

28. Day in the life vlog

It’s time for the last Day in the life vlog of the challenge!

29. Monthly favorites (of the current month)

Share your current favorites of the month. Consider making this a monthly video.

30. Last day! Make a video reflecting on the 30 day YouTube challenge

Talk about how you did, your favorite video, your challenges, etc.

You made it! We completed the 30 day YouTube challenge. If you did the challenge, make sure to use the hashtag (#AB30DayYouTubeChallenge) so that we can find you, or comment here or on our YouTube channel. If you like the challenge or if you’re excited to do it, make sure to share it or pin it for your friends. Want to learn more about making money from home, budgeting, and more? Sign up for my email list for exclusive content that isn’t seen anywhere else!

Are you new to YouTube? Get used to filming daily with this fun month long challenge! I couldn't find a 30 day YouTube challenge that I liked, so I created my own!




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