5 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

5 year old birthday gift ideas | gift ideas for 5 year olds | what to buy a 5 year old for birthday

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5 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Fun Fact: All six of our kids have birthdays in May-August. This means that “birthday season” is kicking off at our house today. We actually aren’t doing big birthday gifts or parties this year, but instead we are taking all the kids on a summer trip and celebrating with activities instead of gifts. Even though that is what we are doing, I wanted to share some birthday ideas for all the birthday parties that you might be attending this summer.


Miss M is turning 5 today, so I am kicking it off with 5 year old birthday gift ideas. All of the items listed are from Amazon, although you can purchase most of them anywhere. If you don’t currently have Amazon Prime, you can try it for free for 30 days. Use this link to get your Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. I am including gift ideas for girls and boys, my daughter is pretty girly, but lots of girls like trucks and dinosaurs too!

Gift Ideas for 5 year olds

This Barbie Splish Splash Pup Playset was my daughters #1 request for her birthday. Her papa bought it for her, and both M and baby G have had a great time with the “puppy wash bath wash” as they call it.

My kids LOVE these Funtainer stainless steel water bottles. We bought them each one for Easter, but they would be good, practical birthday gifts too.

Legos are a great hit for boys and girls. My daughter loves Lego friends sets, but they are pretty advanced for most 5 year olds. We also love Lego Juniors like this Garbage Truck set or this Ariel Dolphin set. More difficult Lego sets can still be great for 5 year olds if they have an older sibling or parent to help with the instructions.

If you’re like us and have several birthdays close together, you can always do a large group gift like a trampoline or small swimming pool.

5 Year old birthday gift ideas | Ideas and inspiration for what to buy a 5 year old for their birthday. If you're looking for a gift for a 5 year old, check out this list! All of these ideas are 5 year old approved!

My nearly-4 year old nephew almost lost his mind when he received a bunch of Jurassic World gifts for Christmas, so this Indominus Rex Gift Set would be perfect for any dinosaur loving 5 year old. It’s hard to go wrong with dinosaurs. My oldest has grown out of them now, but from 4-6 the only gifts he ever asked for were Switch and Go Dinosaurs, like this Spinosaurus Dinosaur.

Not sure what to buy a 5 year old girl? Anything Frozen is probably a good idea. I don’t know very many little girls who aren’t Frozen lovers. I found several fun frozen gifts that were approved by my daughter, like this Frozen Beauty Kit. My two little ones love to play dress-up, and this Frozen Elsa Gown is a favorite. Frozen lovers can also dress up as Anna in this costume.

Even if they don’t read yet, you can never go wrong with books. Books are a perfect 5 year old birthday gift idea. Most 5 year olds like things like Minions, Frozen (seriously, you can’t go wrong,) Dinosaurs, Thomas and friends, and Octonauts.

Most 5 year olds love to create things, so an art set is another fun gift idea. This Crayola Ultimate Art Supplies case is perfect because it has everything they need, and something to keep it in.

I hope this list inspired you if you’re looking for 5 year old birthday gift ideas. If you have a 5 year old and want to add anything, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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