6 Ways to Save for Christmas NOW

6 ways to save money for Christmas now

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6 Ways to Save for Christmas now

I know what you’re thinking. It’s March, why are we talking about ways to save for Christmas?? I am a firm believer that Christmas should never come as a surprise. Christmas happens on December 25th every single year. Yet somehow, it seems that many families are thrown off and forced to scramble at the last minute to shop or come up with cash for Christmas. These 6 tips on how to plan and save for Christmas now will help you evaluate what you want to do for Christmas, and plan and budget for a smoother holiday season later.


So just how can we start saving for Christmas now? I’m glad you asked!


  • Re-evaluate what kind of Christmas you actually want.

    Do you need to have a huge Christmas with a bunch of lavish gifts? Consider doing a smaller Christmas, or spending some of the money helping a family in need. Even the youngest kids can get involved in helping others, and it can help them appreciate what they have even more. Whatever kind of Christmas you want to have, you need to start planning for it ahead of time.


  • Considering experiences instead of gifts.

    We are doing this for our kids birthdays this year. Instead of having birthday parties and doing the traditionally birthday stuff, we are taking all of the kids on a vacation later in the summer. This works for us since all of our kids have summer birthdays, but doing something similar for Christmas would work well too.


  • Set an amount, divide it by the number of months left until December and save that amount monthly.

    Make sure to include everything in your total amount, not just gifts. If you have an annual party, donate to charity, or buy additional Christmas decorations, factor all of that into your total. Divide the total by the number of months left until Christmas and save that every month. Now matter how large or small your Christmas budget, it will seem more feasible by splitting it into smaller amounts. I don’t ever recommend putting anything on credit. If you can’t afford to pay with cash, you can’t afford it. If you use a software like You Need a Budget, it makes the process much easier!

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  • Buy Gifts throughout the year.

    If you see an item that you intend to purchase for Christmas at a great price, snag it now! Make sure to remove that amount from your Christmas budget. Prices are often inflated near Christmas, so this is a great way to save a little bit of money. I also keep an eye out on Amazon for toy deals throughout the year, I have snagged lots of Skylanders and Legos at huge discounts!

  • Use cashback services and save the profits.

    Use cash back services like Ebates, Swagbucks, or Ibotta for buying items that you intend to purchase anyway. I use Ebates when I book travel online, unless the cash back bonus is better through Swagbucks. Use Ibotta at the grocery store. I only use it on items that I intend to buy anyway, since it defeats the purchase to get cash back on an item that you wouldn’t have otherwise purchased. Save the cashback and use it for your Christmas fund. It may shock you how much they can add up over the course of (almost) a year!

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  • Do side-hustles for Christmas cash.

    Write articles for Textbroker, offer babysitting services, do surveys for Survey Junkie, mow lawns, do some VA (virtual assistant) work for other bloggers, the list is truly endless. Using side hustles for Christmas cash is definitely work, but if you work hard you may be able to save all of the money that you need, just from working on the side!

6 ways to save for Christmas NOW! I know it's only March, but planning and budgeting for the Christmas that you want will let you focus on what is important once Christmas rolls around again.

Continue to evaluate

Once you have evaluated the kind of Christmas that you’d like to have and started budgeting for it, the rest should be smooth sailing! The key to a stress-free Christmas is advanced planning. Saving money ahead of time will allow you to focus on what really matters when Christmas comes around again.

I hope these 6 ways to save for Christmas can help make your holiday a little easier! What Christmas traditions are important to your family? I would love to hear about them in the comments! If you’d like to receive weekly money saving tips, and stay updated on all the latest, make sure to subscribe to my weekly emails!


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  1. Wonderful suggestion to include all the Christmas-related expenses in your budget along with the gifts. Easy to forget about all the extras that you buy in addition to gifts. Decorations and party foods can really add up!

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