Baiji Water Bottle Review

Baiji water bottle review

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Last April, I bought two Baiji Water Bottles on Amazon for our trip to Hawaii. I had the intention of writing a review on the water bottles but it got put on the back burner. Well, after 6 months of not writing a review, here it is!

I took one of these water bottles to the gym the other day and realized that I needed to do a review. All opinions are my own, I bought the Baiji water bottles on Amazon for full price.

Baiji Water Bottle Review

I was excited about the idea of these water bottles. We packed everything in carry on bags and I didn’t have a lot of extra space.


The water bottles save space. The water bottles completely collapse to the size of the palm of your hand. They’re very easy to transport and come with a clip to hang on your backpack or bag. They’ll also very light. I normally use a glass water bottle (similar to this one) at home, but it’s too heavy/bulky to carry on a plane.

They are definitely a money saver. Everyone knows that bottled water at the airport is ridiculously priced, these water bottles can pay for themselves in one or two trips.

The bottles are twenty ounces, so they are slightly water than the average disposable plastic water bottle.

As the water bottles are silicone, they are obviously an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. While I don’t think that they are the best plastic alternative, they are probably the best alternative for traveling.

Baiji water bottle review. How did this re-useable silicone water bottle hold up on a longer flight? Does it work for the gym? Read on to find out!


I am going to be honest – the water tastes weird. I’ve washed the bottles several times and they still taste “silicone-y.” I have been using my glass water bottle at the gym and noticed a huge taste difference with the Baiji water bottle.

The bottles are awkward when half full. They just slump over and don’t stand up very well. I understand that this is a necessity since the whole point of the bottles is that they fold up, but if you don’t have the lid on tight the bottle will definitely spill.


So overall do I feel like the Baiji water bottles are worth it? Yes. The price for two as of this writing was $13.97. The Baiji water bottle will come in handy for those who travel frequently. I’ve seen some strange re-usable plastic water bottles that also fold up, but re-usable plastic just doesn’t sound good to me. I will continue to use mine for traveling, especially plane travel.

If you’re looking for an every day water bottle, I would recommend either the LifeFactory glass bottle or a stainless steel Hydro Flask. Glass and stainless water bottles don’t leave any taste in your mouth the way silicone bottles might.

What kind of water bottle do you use? I’d love to hear about more options in the comments!


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