10 real work at home jobs for moms

real work at home jobs for moms

How to find real work at home jobs

If you’re a mom searching for real work at home jobs, the task can be daunting. There are lots of scams out there, and there are always old friends you haven’t heard from in years offering you the latest MLM opportunity. I am not saying that you can’t be successful with an MLM, but for this blog post, we aren’t focusing on that type of work.

There are many types of work at home jobs for moms, including employee, contractor and self-employment opportunities. You should first decide whether you’d like to be an employee or self-employed, and then pursue opportunities that are a great fit for you. Remember that any prior experience, even if it wasn’t from home, can be very helpful for most of these work at home jobs!

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The secret to a perfect Pinterest strategy is easier than you think!

how to use Pinterest for business

How to use Pinterest for business

Whether you’re a blogger or a small business, having a Pinterest business account can be a huge asset. Pinterest can put you right in front of your customers. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest isn’t really a social media platform. Think of Pinterest more like Google or YouTube, it’s a search engine.

People go to Pinterest looking for things. This is great for businesses, because it can bring customers to you who are looking for what you offer. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to use Pinterest for business so that you can grow your business using this amazing platform.

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8 top survey sites to make money

best survey sites to make money

The 8 Best Survey Sites to Make Money

I’ve been using free survey sites to make money for over 7 years. In fact, it used to be one of the top ways that I made money online. Survey sites are a little different than they used to be, but the concept is still the same. Share your opinion to earn cash or gift cards. I don’t use survey sites as much as I used to, but I still do surveys as a side hustle in my spare time.

How many survey sites should I sign up for?

If you’re looking to make doing surveys online a side hustle, I recommend signing up for more than one. Some sites won’t always have surveys available, or won’t have surveys that you quality for. Signing up for multiple sites means more opportunities to earn money.

If you’ve been looking for the best survey sites to make money, chances are you’ve come across a few scams. There are quite a few scams out there. You should never give your information to any company that you aren’t sure is legitimate.

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review | Should you buy it?!

making sense of affiliate marketing review

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

I want to start out by saying that there aren’t many courses that I recommend. So many bloggers offer courses now, and the quality isn’t always there. One exception to the rule would be the Ultimate Bundles. Even if some of the courses in the Ultimate Bundles are lacking, there will be other courses, books, etc. The one course that I absolutely 100% recommend on it’s own is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. If you’re a blogger or online influencer, you need this course. Not a blogger yet, but want to be? Check out my How to start a WordPress blog post to get started!

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30 day YouTube Challenge

30 day YouTube challenge

30 day YouTube Challenge

As some of you know, my husband and I recently started our YouTube channel. Yesterday, I started looking for a challenge or something that would help us get used to vlogging regularly. I wasn’t able to find a 30 day YouTube challenge that I liked. The links were either broken, websites hacked, incomplete lists, etc. So, I decided to make my own 30 day YouTube challenge! This challenge can be done at any time, but we’re starting today. If you happen to find this list, you can start at any time. Please use the hashtag #AB30dayYouTubeChallenge when sharing on social media, so that way we can find you!

I can’t take all the credit for this 30 day YouTube challenge. The 30 days was something that I put together, but many of the challenges and tags were made my others. I will link to them below. Mamakatslosingit made a great compilation of YouTube tags and challenges, and many of those were used for this post. Check out her list for inspiration beyond the 30 days. This 30 day YouTube challenge is great for new YouTubers (like us!) but could also be fun for anyone looking to make more videos on a regular basis. The challenge includes several day in the life vlogs, along with popular YouTube challenges and tags. This challenge was originally made in the summer, but feel free to substitute appropriate seasonal challenges or tags as needed.

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