February Income Report

February blog income report, how to make money from home

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Welcome to my very first blog income report. This February income report is the first of regularly monthly blog income reports that I intend to post.

You might be wondering why someone would want to post their income publicly. That’s a very good question. The truth is, there are several reasons to post blog income reports. My personal reasons for post these income reports are as follows.

To hold myself accountable

I recently made the decision to really put time into this blog (and another one, coming soon!) I want to keep the momentum going, and posting blog income reports is a great way to do that.

To track my progress

My blog income last month is tiny. If I track my expenses, I am well into the negative. I started doing things very differently in mid-February, and I believe that these changes will start to show in later months. I wanted to start tracking where I am, that way I could show my progress. It will only go up from here!

If blogging sounds like something that you might enjoy, go for it! It’s a low-cost hobby and can be turned into a business with enough effort. Head over to Bluehost to grab a domain and hosting. Being self hosted is the most important things when you start a new blog. You can read about that on my two things you need when you start a blog post! 

I have found it inspiring to see others do this

I love reading the income reports from others. Whether it is someone like Michelle or Rosemarie, who make 80-100k per month blogging (that isn’t a typo!) or someone making $200 per month. I love reading it all, and I find inspiration in reading the income reports of others. This is one of the reasons that I decided to start my own.

What I am doing differently

I started doing two things differently last month. The first is that I started Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. If you’re in the blog world, you know that Michelle (mentioned earlier) is a rockstar blogger who has been ultra-successful with her blog. I had been eyeing her course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, for quite some time. Finally, I decided to just go ahead and do it in mid-February and it has been eye-opening. I had never taken my blog as seriously as I wanted to, and this course was perfect inspiration. I have already learned so much and there are many other things that I plan to do. If you’re thinking about purchasing the course, just do it! It’s well worth the cost.


I also quit using BoardBooster last month. After three days, I quickly changed my mind and started using it again. I was under the impression that I could save a few bucks a month and get better results for myself. Wrong. After I signed up again, I did go back and change a few things that I was doing incorrectly before. If you have a Pinterest strategy and you aren’t using BoardBooster, you should definitely try it out! The first 100 pins are free, so you won’t lose anything trying it out! Their customer service is fantastic, and I really can’t recommend them enough. There is a bonus Pinterest strategy guide in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and I found BoardBooster much easier after reading that guide!

My Popular Posts this month

My four most popular posts this month contain some of my all-time popular posts, and some newer posts.

How to remove stretch marks – a tried and true method!

How to get the most out of Amazon Prime

10 ways to make money from home

How to save on a Hawaii vacation

If you haven’t checked out any of these posts, feel free to check them out! The first two have been popular for quite some time, and the last two have been creeping up in popularity. It seems like my audience loves to hear about saving money and how to earn extra money. I am going to try to focus on these subjects more, since that’s what everyone wants to read! If you have any suggestions, or topics that you’d like to hear about, please leave a comment and let me know!

My FIRST blog income report from February 2017! Check out how much I made this month, and what I am doing differently to see bigger numbers in the future!

February Income Report

Here is my February income report for www.amyfillinger.com. This income report does not money made from my regular job as a photographer, any side hustles, doing surveys, UserTesting, etc. This is strictly income from the this blog.

Affiliate income:

I only promote products and services that I truly believe will benefit my audience. My blog is still small, but I have been reached out to by several companies who I did not feel were a good fit. I do promote some products and services on my blog. However, they are products and services that I personally use, or truly believe could be beneficial to you.

Amazon Affiliates:

Amazon affiliates has been my primary source of affiliate income until now, but it’s always been very small. This month I earned $9.36.

Survey Junkie:

I recently became an affiliate with SurveyJunkie. I checked them out prior to joining and they’re the best survey site out there that I know of. It’s very user-friendly and they pay the same day you cash out. $10.50.


I am a member of several sites that have multiple affiliates, like Flexoffers. I have been a member of FlexOffers for a while, but hadn’t done anything with it until later in the month. This month I earned $3.00.

Ad Income:

Google Adsense: $5.08

I don’t have the views to sign up for the bigger ad networks, but I will start looking into them when I get my page views up.

Total income for February: $27.94

As you can see, my affiliate income this month was tiny. I also made some purchases this month so my overall income was definitely in the negative. Again, I am posting this report because I truly believe that my hard work will pay off in future income reports. I want to look back and see where I started.

What is coming next?

I am currently working a new, niche blog. It will not take the place of this blog, but will be a side project. It is travel related, but will be completely separate from this blog. I am also looking into Amazon FBA and some other potential income streams. Growing my social media profiles, and improving my reach on Pinterest is another big goal for the coming months. I am also going to start doing a regular newsletter again, since this has been something that I have terribly neglected. I am exciting to see what happens in the coming months.

Do you post blog income reports? I would love to read it. I get really inspired by reading the blog income reports of others. If you posted one, please leave a link in the comments for me to read! If you’re interested in checking out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, I can’t recommend it enough!




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    1. Hey Catherine! Thanks so much for the kind words. My average has been all over the place, since I neglected the blog for a few months. I would say average is about 8-10k? I didn’t do anything for a couple of months as far as promoting the blog, so it took a big hit. The last month I have really amped things up, so we will see how that effects traffic!

  1. Great job so far, I don’t share mine anymore but I felt so happy to share my first one and list the details and goals for the following month. It made me motivated to reach them for the next income report when I could quote the last one about the goals I set.

    People love to see bloggers improve month after month and hear what they had learned in that month as well. Keep working hard and the money will eventually come in. I don’t blog for money. I blog because I love blogging in general. Month is a bonus for me.

    1. Hey Derek,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve actually been blogging since 2010. I never started to make money, in fact, I didn’t even know it was possible! It’s definitely a nice bonus though, and I like the idea of sharing goals every month. We will see how it goes!

  2. Hi Amy, It’s nice to meet you! I’m also following you most of your SM. I also posted my January 2017 income for the first time. I did a 2016 recap because I actually started my business in 2016 but didn’t post any income reports. Good luck in this crazy blogging world!

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