The best gift ideas for Star Wars fans

Star Wars gift ideas. The ultimate guide of gift ideas for Star Wars fans of all ages.

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The best gift ideas for Star Wars fans

Thanks to the recent Star Wars releases, fun Star Wars merchandise is easier to find than ever. With ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ premiering on December 15th, it’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan! Check out the newly released official trailer here.

Did I mention that I am excited about The Last Jedi? I’ve really enjoyed the latest Star Wars movies, although nothing touches the original trilogy. This was the most fun gift guide that I’ve ever written. I love Star Wars (as evidenced by my left arm, below) and I’m definitely not alone! If you’re looking for an awesome gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life, look no further! Today I am going to share 32+ Star Wars gift ideas for a fan of any age.

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Kitchen Accessories

If it seems like your Star Wars fan has everything, Star Wars kitchen accessories could be a fun idea for something they don’t have. Death star waffle maker? Yes please! Other fun options include a Darth Vader Toaster, Storm Trooper salt and pepper shakers, or R2D2 measuring cups? There are tons of other fun Star Wars kitchen ideas on Amazon, go here to see them all.

Lego Bricks

If you’re Star Wars fan is a child (or a LEGO-loving adult) Lego sets can be a great gift. I believe that the ultimate Star Wars gift would be the Lego Death Star. At $500, it’s very pricey, but epic nonetheless.

If you have a more realistic budget, there are plenty of other fun Star Wars Lego sets. My oldest son loves the build-able, pose-able characters like this Storm Trooper.  I bought him a Lego Star Wars advent calendar last Christmas, and he’s asking for another one this year. Make sure to jump on those early, they usually sell out. There are way too many Lego sets to mention them all, so you can check out more here


Star Wars versions of popular board games are great gift ideas for Star wars fans. We have a few of them in our house, and they’re so much fun! Here are a few that I spotted:

Last, but not least, a favorite in our house, Star Wars Monopoly.

Apparel and Accessories


I want this shirt! I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other nerdy Star Wars fans who would also love it. If you think that’s a little over the top, there’s also a variety of Star Wars socks. Looking for the perfect girl for the Star Wars loving couple? How about this “I love you. I know” ring set?! Amazon has tons of Star Wars clothing options for men, woman, and kids. I bought my youngest a hoodie on Amazon, and it was great quality!


There are so many great Star Wars gift ideas in electronics. I have this Darth Vader mouse for my computer. Headphones always make a great, affordable gift too.  This Death Star car charger seems a bit obnoxious, but I’d buy it anyway. That a Storm Trooper power bank or a Vader bluetooth speaker would make a great stocking stuffer.

I might recommend this in many of my gift guides, but the Kindle Unlimited subscription is great for Star Wars fans. I have it myself, and my son is currently reading all of the Star Wars Rebels books. If you’re looking to spend around $100, this is a great gift that lasts the whole year. Amazon also allows you to purchase a 6 or 24 month gift subscription, so it will work with nearly any budget.


There is an an abundance of gift ideas for Star Wars fans in home decor. My son has lots of wall clings in his room. They’re a great idea for the younger Star Wars fan. I love, love, love these dinner sets from ThinkGeek. They come in several locations, from Tattooine to the Death Star and they’re currently only $4.99! Any young Jedi will appreciate this child-sized Vader chair.



If your Star Wars fan loves to travel, why not buy them some awesome travel gear? I love this Darth Vader rolling luggage from ThinkGeek. Want to take it to another level? How about a Tauntaun sleeping bag? Other options are purses, backpacks, travel blankets and travel sets.

I hope that these gift ideas for Star Wars fans inspired you to find the perfect gift. If you have any other awesome Star Wars gift ideas, please share them in the comments! Don’t forget to check out all of my other gift guides for the upcoming holiday season! I would love it if you used to share buttons to share this post with your Star Wars loving friends! Make the force be with you!

This is AWESOME! Star Wars gift ideas for all the Star Wars fans on your list. Over 32 ideas (and links to more!) for the ultimate Star Wars fan.

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