10 Frugal and healthy recipes your kids will LOVE! Plus a free meal planning printable.

healthy kid friendly recipes

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Healthy kid friendly recipes

It’s really easy to find recipes that are healthy, budget-friendly or kid-friendly. It’s a little harder to find all three! It can be difficult to cook for kids, they can be picky, and go through the weirdest food phases. I’m talking to you, toddler mom. If you’re looking for kid friendly recipes for picky eaters, you’re bound to find a winner here! You can mix and match these recipes for at least a weeks worth of yummy, healthy food that your kids will love.

If you’re struggling with meal planning, check out the bottom of this post for a free meal planning printable!

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10 frugal and healthy kid friendly recipes

It can be hard to find meals kids love, but these healthy kid friendly recipes are bound to impress even the pickiest eaters! Try one or all of these healthy kid friendly recipes this week.

1. Apple-Carrot Muffins

healthy kid friendly recipes

If you’re feeling rushed in the morning, these Apple-carrot muffins are a super convenient cook-ahead breakfast. Fruit and vegetables before school? I say that’s a win!

2. Easy Skillet Lasagna

My favorite part about this Easy skillet lasagna is that it’s a one-pot meal! I don’t like doing dishes, and I bet you don’t either.

3. Healthy Chicken Spaghetti

Your kids are sure to love this healthified version of Chicken Spaghetti. It’s made without any Velveeta or cream-of-crap soup! My kids love spaghetti, as most kids do, and it’s a great frugal meal option.

4. Whole Wheat Banana Bread/Muffins

kid friendly recipes

Whole wheat banana bread or muffins is another great on-the-go breakfast or quick, after-school snack. I like keeping snacks like these muffins with us for car trips because kids will inevitably get hungry whenever you leave the house.

5. Crockpot Refried Beans

I love beans because they’re probably the best frugal, healthy protein choice that you can find. These Crockpot refried beans are healthier than anything from a can and so easy to make!

6. Easy Home-Made Pizza Pockets

kid friendly recipes for picky eaters

What kid doesn’t love pizza?! These Easy home-made pizza pockets are sure to be a hit. I have also noticed that kids seem to love anything with a dipping sauce, making these even more kid-friendly.

7. Left-Over Fried Rice

Left-over fried rice is a staple for our family. It’s so easy and a very frugal way to use leftovers. You can get really creative using leftovers with this recipe.

8. Fast & Frugal Frittata

This Fast and frugal frittata is a great easy dinner option, and it can be made dairy free.

healthy kid friendly recipes

9. Super Sneak Veggie Spaghetti

meals kids love

Okay moms, sometimes we just have the sneak the veggies in. If you have, or ever have had, a toddler, you know what I mean. Even if they love veggies one day, they might be “yuck” the next day. Super sneaky veggie spaghetti packs in a lot of veggies and vitamins and your picky toddler won’t even know!

Bonus tip from me:  Although the recipe above calls for your favorite noodles, I can tell you from personal experience that you can probably use spaghetti squash too. Talk about veggies everywhere! My older kids love spaghetti squash, and they had no idea what it was until we told them!

10. Oven-Roasted Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are a very frugal protein option, and these Easy oven-roasted chicken thighs look absolutely delicious!

Bonus Healthy Snacks

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I am not a food blogger. I tend to throw things together without measuring. Even though my background is in photography, I can’t photograph food to save my life. Nevertheless, earlier this year, I wrote two blog posts featuring healthy kid friendly recipes that were a huge hit in my house, Easy Summer Fruit Salad and Breakfast Fruit Skewers.

If you’re a mess when it comes to meal planning, no judgment, I can relate! Sometimes we all can use a little help in the organization department. That’s why I have a free weekly meal planning printable for you. Get yours below!

meal plan printable


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