March Blog Income Report + Goals for April

Check out how I earned $323.15 last month with my small blog. The March income report is the 2nd of my published income reports, you need to read them!

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Welcome to my second ever blog income report. This March income report is my second report, and I plan to continue!

You might be wondering why someone would want to post their income publicly. That’s a very good question. The truth is, there are several reasons to post blog income reports. My personal reasons for post these income reports are as follows.

To hold myself accountable

I recently made the decision to really put time into this blog (and another one, coming soon!) I want to keep the momentum going, and posting blog income reports is a great way to do that.

To track my progress

I’m not making anything from the blog yet (overall, after expenses) but I am looking forward to seeing that change. I am doing blog income reports primarily to track my progress and goals.

Inspire others

Obviously I am not any kind of inspiration yet, but maybe someday! I find a lot of inspiration reading blog income reports of others.I love reading the income reports from others. Whether it is someone like Michelle or Rosemarie, who make 80-100k per month blogging (that isn’t a typo!) or someone making $200 per month. I love reading it all, and I find inspiration in reading the income reports of others. This is one of the reasons that I decided to start my own. I love seeing the income go up from month to month, and I hope that someday my income reports can be inspirational as well.

If blogging sounds like something that you might enjoy, go for it! It’s a low-cost hobby and can be turned into a business with enough effort. Head over to Siteground to grab a domain and hosting. Being self hosted is the most important things when you start a new blog. You can read about that on my two things you need when you start a blog post! 

What I am doing differently

As I mentioned last month, I started the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course, I finished the course but I am still following the principles and seeing great results. If you’re thinking about purchasing the course, just do it! It’s well worth the cost.

I didn’t mention it last month, but I also bought Carly‘s eBook, Pinteresting Strategies and have implemented some of her ideas. If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your Pinterest game, without spending a fortune, you need to check out her book!

I didn’t do much differently this month, but I have big plans for April. I spent the last half of the month with either myself or my kids being sick, so March was a rough month for us.


I am still using BoardBooster and getting most of my traffic from Pinterest. If you have a Pinterest strategy and you aren’t using BoardBooster, you should definitely try it out! The first 100 pins are free, so you won’t lose anything trying it out! Their customer service is fantastic, and I really can’t recommend them enough. There is a bonus Pinterest strategy guide in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and I found BoardBooster much easier after reading that guide!

My Popular Posts this month

My three most popular posts this month contain some of my all-time popular posts, and a newer post.

How to get kids to do chores – teaching kids about chores and money.

How to remove stretch marks naturally

How to get the most from your Amazon Prime subscription

If you haven’t checked out any of these posts, feel free to check them out! The first post is newer, and the other two have been steadily popular for a while. If you have any suggestions, or topics that you’d like to hear about, please leave a comment and let me know!

Check out how I earned $323.15 last month with my small blog. The March income report is the 2nd of my published income reports, you need to read them!

March Income Report

Here is my March income report for This income report does not include money made from my regular job as a photographer, any side hustles, doing surveys, UserTesting, etc. This is strictly income from the this blog. My income report is money that I earned in March, not what I actually received in March.

Affiliate income:

I only promote products and services that I truly believe will benefit my audience. My blog is still small, but I have been reached out to by several companies who I did not feel were a good fit. I do promote some products and services on my blog. However, they are products and services that I personally use, or truly believe could be beneficial to you.

Amazon Affiliates:

Amazon Associates is not a big income-earner for me, but I do earn a small amount every month. This month I earned $11.83

Survey Junkie:

I recently became an affiliate with SurveyJunkie. I checked them out prior to joining and they’re the best survey site out there that I know of. It’s very user-friendly and they pay the same day you cash out. $46.50.


I am a member of several sites that have multiple affiliates, like Flexoffers. I have been a member of FlexOffers for a while, but hadn’t done anything with it until later in the month. This month I earned $6.00.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant:

I wrote a post last month that got me a $250.00 bonus. I am including it with affiliate income, because it was not technically a sponsored post.

Ad Income:

Google Adsense: $8.82

I don’t have the views to sign up for the bigger ad networks, but I will start looking into them when I get my page views up.

Free items:

I also received some free items for a review and giveaway. I can’t give you the information yet, but that will be coming soon! Of course I don’t count free items toward my “income” but I do want to keep track of it. Retail value of free items: $60

Total income for February: $323.15 (not including the $60 in items for review)

This months income was more than 10x what it was last month! Even without the $250 bonus, it still would have been 3x my February income. It’s still very small, but moving in the right direction.

April Goals:

Income: I’d love to see my blog income continue to rise. My goal for April is $400.

Page Views: Last month I had around 6500 page views. I’d like to see over 10,000 in April.

Pinterest: I didn’t write it down, but my goal for March was to reach 1000 followers on Pinterest. I didn’t reach my goal, but at 920, it was pretty close! My goal for April is 1500 followers. That might be pushing it, but we will see what happens.

Facebook: Oh Facebook, you are not my friend. My photography page has 2000 followers, but that took me years. I have 106 followers now, and I’d like to have 200 by April 1st.

Twitter: Twitter is another platform that I haven’t done much with. I currently have 220 followers, and would like to see 300.

Instagram: My Instagram does link to my blog, but it doesn’t bring any traffic over here. I use my Instagram account to do yoga challenges and track my health and fitness. I am considering creating a new account just for the blog, but that would put me at 4 IG accounts and I don’t know how well I would keep up.

Other: Guest posting. One of my primary goals for April is to start guest posting.

What is coming next?

I am still working a new, niche blog. It will not take the place of this blog, but will be a side project. It is travel related, but will be completely separate from this blog. I am looking into possibly doing VA work as a side income stream. Growing my social media profiles, and improving my reach on Pinterest is another big goal for the coming months. I did better about sending out my newsletter in March, and I want to continue doing that weekly. I am exciting to see what happens in the coming months.

Do you post blog income reports? I would love to read it. I get really inspired by reading the blog income reports of others. If you posted one, please leave a link in the comments for me to read! If you’re interested in checking out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, I can’t recommend it enough!

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  1. Love the report. I am having a hard time generating traffic to my site. Now tapping into pinterest as many bloggers advice me that pinterest really helps in driving traffic. Do you experience that as well? By the ways, congratz on the profitable 2nd month. Keep the report coming 🙂


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