November Blog Traffic Report

November blog traffic report

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November Blog Traffic Report + Stats and Goals

Back in August, I started keeping track of my blog traffic, stats, and goals for the next month. I may be adding income reports at a later date, but for now, the only way to see my income reports is to subscribe to my email list. If you’re wondering why I would share these numbers at all, that’s a great question. There are actually two reasons. The first is that it’s a way for me to see my own progress. I also find blog traffic reports and income reports from other bloggers to be helpful and inspiring. My goal is to be helpful and inspiring to new bloggers someday.

November Blog Stats

November was my second month of taking a more “full time” approach to blogging. I am not technically full time because I still run other businesses, but I am working as hard as possible toward making a regular income from blogging.

Monetary Goals

I have noticed that some bloggers count the income that they earn for the month in their income reports. Personally, I would rather count the income that I receive. Because of this, blog income wasn’t necessarily up this month. I did earn more than I had in previous months, but I won’t start receiving any of it until this month or even December. At this time, I am sending my income reports to my email list, but I may consider adding it here at some point.

I didn’t have any sponsored posts this month, and I don’t want to ever have too many. I am very open to sponsored posts, but only for products that I really love and would bring a lot of value to you. The majority of what I made this month is through affiliate marketing, with a small amount from ads. I learned what I know from the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. I’ve been using affiliate marketing since I started my blog, but I only started seeing income after completing the course.

The actual numbers

These are the goals that I set at the end of last month Some of them were a success, some were close, and the others were an opportunity to learn.

Blog Traffic Goals 20,000 page views in November

FAIL: Even though I saw a large jump in October (you can read that report here) I saw a large dip around Thanksgiving. Despite that dip, I still had my highest traffic yet, at 15,171 page views. I may not have met my goal, but any improvement is a good thing. I have realized that since I do not have a lot of holiday content and my blog is not deal-based, I may see a dip around holidays, and that is okay!

Throughout the month of November, I continued manually pinning (using strategies found in this book) and I am still happy with that. I plan to continue through December and then evaluate whether to continue manually pinning, or adding some scheduling with Tailwind back into the mix.

New posts for the month of November

I only posted 7 new posts for the month of November, down from 11 in October. Even though it was slightly less than my goal of posting 2x per week, I am happy with the content, and every single piece has done fairly well in the short time that it’s been live. I would rather write fewer, more meaningful posts than more posts that are just filler and don’t see much traffic. That was another lesson learned this month. Here are the posts for November:

October Blog Traffic report

October blog traffic report

The Best Lego Sets for Preteen Boys

the best lego sets for preteen boys

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best things to do in Maui

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5 Steps to a Simple, Minimal Christmas

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10 Frugal, Healthy, Kid-Friendly Recipes

This was a round-up that included a free meal planning printable!

healthy kid friendly recipes

10 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

10 self care ideas for busy moms

I also re-worked some old content. I found that I had a post that did really well on Pinterest, despite being poorly written and outdated. So I went back and did an update and overhaul, making it much more relevant. I also updated another somewhat popular post that needed some updating and better images.

Updated Posts:

Tips for Organizing Kid Clothes

I finally found it! Everything that you ever wanted to know about how to organize kids clothes. Tips for organizing kids clothes, organizing kids clothes for later, and changing clothes out seasonally.

Productivity Tips for Moms

How do busy moms get so much done? & productivity tips for busy moms

Most popular post in November: 8 things I stopped buying to save money. My updated YNAB review was the second most popular, thanks to YNAB sharing it on Twitter on the very last day of the month. The most popular post from November that was actually written in November was the Simple Christmas post. I was happy that it made the top 10 for the month, despite being written during that month. That is what happens when you write seasonal content that is still relevant to your audience! Another lesson learned.

Life Updates

November was a fairly slow month without any major updates. We finally moved into our rental house that was supposed to be ready in October. We have had a few issues that we weren’t expected, but that’s not what the November blog stats report is about, is it?

What worked and what didn’t

  • Manual Pinning: I continued manually pinning to Pinterest in November. I purchased Pinteresting Strategies months ago, but it felt like too much work. I continued to see traffic similar to what I saw in October, so I feel like it’s working. The plan is to continue to pin manually through December and then evaluate whether or not it’s worth my time. I have noticed that I don’t have to pin as much, so it’s just something that I continue to learn about.
  • Switching to Mailerlite: I switched to Mailerlite from Mailchimp in the middle of October. I am very happy with the switch.
  • Re-writing and making new images for old posts: This has been going very well. I have noticed older posts that have really picked up after re-writing and creating new images.


Social Media Goals

When it comes to social media, I guess the tortoise wins the race? My social media following has moved up, again, slowly, but consistently.


GOAL: Not set


While I didn’t really see much of an increase in my Twitter following, I did see some page views from Twitter. It wasn’t enough to put a lot of effort into Twitter, but it’s always nice to see page views from different sources. I will continue to schedule posts on Twitter through Buffer because I get a handful of page views a month from it. I do enjoy Twitter for personal use, but it hasn’t been much of an asset to my blog.


GOAL: 1750

ACTUAL: 1817

I gained almost 300 followers on Pinterest, which more than met my goal! Pinterest followers are simply a vanity metric, but my “reach” and traffic from Pinterest are also up. I am reaching more people than ever from Pinterest. Honestly, that’s the most important thing. Like I mentioned earlier, I am going to continue manually pinning from the next month and see what happens.

Email List

GOAL: 500 subscribers

ACTUAL: 477. Not quite, but I am still happy with it. I switched to Mailerlite last month and I’ve been very happy with the switch. I had a fair amount of people unsubscribe, but it doesn’t bother me since I know that they aren’t my ideal readers anyway.


GOAL: 200


So close! The only thing that I did on Facebook was post semi-regularly. I plan to put a lot more work on Facebook, but it will probably be whenever I can get into the Massive Growth Strategies by Moolah course. I really don’t want to waste any money on ads until I have a better guide.

Back in September, I purchased Strategies Worth Sharing. This is a good guide for those brand new to Facebook. I have noticed some growth in implementing the strategies, but I need to focus more on Facebook in the upcoming months. My page views from Facebook were up well over 500%, so even if I don’t have many followers, I do get traffic from my Facebook page.

My other November Goals:

  • Post 2x per week. Almost! I had 7 new posts, but completely re-did two older posts, so I would say that is close enough.
  • Read 2 books (or courses) on blogging, social media, etc. Kind of. Traffic Transformation is finished, and I’ve been doing a lot of learning/research but it has been more organic rather than paid courses or books, but who can complain about learning things for free?
  • Send the email newsletter every week. Check! I did this every week last month.
  • Keep up with the editorial calendar. Done!
  • Re-write and/or create new images for 10 older blog posts: I don’t know? If it’s not 10, it’s close. I re-worked a few things and created quite a few new images in November, so I am happy with that.

Goals for December

Traffic and Social Media

Blog Traffic: 20,000 page views

Pinterest: 2000 followers

Facebook: 200 followers

Email newsletter: 500

I’m not setting any crazy ambitious social media goals. I don’t plan to work very hard on growing social media, but instead continuing to focus on blog traffic and creating good content based on what you are asking to see!

Other Goals

  • Post 2x per week minimum.
  • Accept 1 guest post every month.
  • Switch to the Genesis Framework for my blog theme.
  • Continue to send the email newsletter every week.
  • Keep up with the editorial calendar on a monthly basis.
  • Continue to re-write and create new images for older content that is relevant.
  • Finish a free blogging mini-course by January 1st.
  • Continue to work on my Pinterest book, which I am planning to release in early 2018!

What, Pinterest book?!

Yes, I am working on a Pinterest book! I am so excited about it. I plan for it to be a comprehensive guide for using Pinterest for business, and I am absolutely loving the process. One of my “bucket list” items, since I was a little kid, was to write a book! This will be an ebook, but it’s still a book and a big thing for me to cross off my list! I am also in the process of creating a free blogging mini-course. The exciting thing about this course is that there will be videos.

When I started blogging, I wish I would have found one guide to walk me through the whole process. Well, that might not have been there for me, but I am creating one! I know that there are blogging courses out there, even free ones, but I think the video guides will make mine stand out in the crowd. Make sure that you’re on my email list to get the first access to both the free mini-course AND my Pinterest book.

Thanks for checking out the November blog traffic report! If you are trying to increase your blog traffic, I highly recommend giving manual pinning a try. What have you done to increase your traffic? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Find out how to get more blog traffic with really simple tips! The November blog traffic report goes over what works, what didn't, and what I plan to do to improve my blog!

My Favorite Blogging Resources

These are some of the blogging resources that I’ve been using, and can honestly recommend to anyone.

Affiliate Marketing:

Making Sense of Affiliating Marketing is my favorite course for figuring out how to make affiliate marketing work for you. No matter what your niche, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with a blog.


Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing. I mentioned this course earlier, and I learned so much in a short book. I’m saving for the Facebook Strategies Course by Moolah, but this book is a great and inexpensive tool to learn the ins and outs of Facebook.

General Blogging:

The Blogging Bundle by Sarah Titus has so much good information for new bloggers. I got mine as part of the BCStack, but that only comes around once a year. She also sells it in her own store.


Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling or Pinteresting Strategies for everything you need to know about manual pinning.

Image Creation:

I use Creative Cloud (Lightroom and Photoshop) to create all of my graphics for my blog and social media platforms. I highly recommend it, especially since many free companies like PicMonkey have started charging.

If you got this far, thank you again for reading the November Blog Traffic report! I hope that my little blog will inspire you if you’re thinking about starting a blog yourself.

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  1. Wow, this is awesome! Thanks so much for posting your progress. It’s really inspiring to me as a new blogger. My personal finance blog is only a month old and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything I need to do. It’s been hard to find time for social media. I want to spend all my time writing, but I need readers too so I have to make the time.

    I’m going to check out some of the courses and resources you mentioned. (I actually found your blog through the Bloggers Promote Your Blog Tailwind Tribe.) Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your traffic reports. 🙂

    1. Thank you Cindy! The best advice that I can give is to just keep going. When I started my blog, I kept getting frustrated and would give up on it for months at a time. I can only imagine where I’d be now if I would have just stuck with it! It can be really hard to balance everything, that’s for sure! Working in time blocks has been helpful, although I haven’t been implementing it as much lately. If you set a certain day or certain time to work on something, you know that it will get x amount of time, but you don’t have to work on it constantly. That worked really well for social media, because working on that is never-ending!

  2. Thanks so much for the advice, Amy! I’m blocking off two hours before work and two hours after work for the blog right now, and whatever I can squeeze in on the weekends. Maybe I’ll dedicate a single hour each day for social media and the rest for writing. I’m going to stick with it and see where it takes me. Thanks again!

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