October Blog Traffic Report

October blog traffic report

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October Blog Traffic Report + Stats and Goals

Back in August, I started keeping track of my blog traffic, stats, and goals for the next month. I may be adding income reports at a later date, but for now the only way to see my income reports is to subscribe to my email list. If you’re wondering why I would share these numbers at all, that’s a great question. There are actually two reasons. The first is that it’s a way for me to see my own progress. I also find blog traffic reports and income reports from other bloggers to be helpful and inspiring. My goal is to be helpful and inspiring to new bloggers someday.

October Blog Stats

I am really excited about the month of October. This month, I took a “full time” approach to blogging, and it definitely paid off. I did a few things differently. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t. I learned a lot this month, and I have a lot to share!

Monetary Goals

I have noticed that some bloggers count the income  that they earn for the month in their income reports. Personally, I would rather count the income that I receive. Because of this, blog income wasn’t necessarily up this month. I did earn more than I had in previous months, but I won’t start receiving any of it until this month or even December. At this time, I am sending my income reports to my email list, but I may consider adding it here at some point.

The majority of what I made this month is through affiliate marketing. I learned what I know from the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. I’ve been using affiliate marketing since I started my blog, but I only started seeing income after completing the course.

The actual numbers

These are the goals that I set at the end of last month Some of them were a success, some were close, and the others were an opportunity to learn.

Blog Traffic Goals

AmyFillinger.com: 10,000 pageviews in October

SUCCESS: Even though September fell short (you can read that report here) I set the same goal for October and surpassed it! I had 14,943 pageviews in October, for my highest month yet. Around the beginning of the month, I started manually pinning (using strategies found in this book) and my page views almost tripled.

New posts for the month of October

I posted eleven new posts for the month of October, a number that I am very happy with! I posted four gift guides, three posts about saving money, one traffic report from the previous month, two parenting posts, and one blogging post. You might also notice that I spent the month working on branding to make my content more cohesive.

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how to use Pinterest for business

Most popular post in October: 10 ways to save money on ChristmasReusable items that save money was the third most popular. I’m very happy with 2 out of 3 of the top posts for the month were written during the month of October itself.

Life Updates

We spent the majority of the month in sunny south west Florida, and we loved it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a short term rental that met our exact needs so we returned to Missouri slightly earlier than expected. Other than that, October was relatively calm compared to August and September.

What worked and what didn’t

  • Manual Pinning: I started manually pinning to Pinterest around mid-October. I purchased Pinteresting Strategies months ago, but it felt like too much work. I don’t think that you can say whether something was 100% successful or not in just two weeks, but I am going to continue manually pinning through November and see what happens.
  • Switching to Mailerlite: I switched to Mailerlite from Mailchimp in the middle of October. Mailchimp put a hold on my account, and I could never get in touch with them to find out why. Even though it was a huge hassle, I’m glad it happened. Mailerlite has so many more options, and it’s free to 1000 subscribers. If you’re a brand new blogger, I highly recommend starting with Mailerlite.

Those were the two main things that I did differently last month, and they were both a huge success! If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend the book Pinteresting Strategies. It’s only about $30 and a must-have for any blogger.

Social Media Goals

When it comes to social media, I guess the tortoise wins the race? My social media following has moved up, slowly, but consistently.


GOAL: 300


I completely forgot to set a new goal for this month. While I only gained 18 new “likes,” I am okay with that. I do schedule a few things out on Buffer, but Twitter isn’t a priority for me. I’m not focusing on Twitter right now, but on traffic, and my email list (and maybe Facebook.) I will continue to schedule posts on Twitter through Buffer because I get a handful of page views a month from it. I do enjoy Twitter for personal use, but it hasn’t been much of an asset to my blog.


GOAL: 1750

ACTUAL: 1565

I gained over 100 followers on Pinterest, but I wasn’t anywhere near my goal. Since Pinterest followers are simply a vanity metric, I’m not worried about it. My overall traffic from Pinterest is way up, and I am reaching more people than ever. Honestly, that’s the most important thing. I’ve still been using Tailwind since I had things already scheduled, but that should run out in a few days. I am going to continue manually pinning from the next month and see what happens.

Email List

GOAL: 350 subscribers

ACTUAL: 449. Wow! I switched to Mailerlite this month and I’ve been very happy with the switch. You can read more about why I switched later in this post, but my mailing list has gone up quite a bit since switching from MailChimp.


GOAL: 200


I didn’t reach my goal for the month, but I didn’t focus on Facebook much. The only thing that I did was try to post a couple of times a day. I do have to mention that page views from Facebook were up this month, quite a bit! So even if I am not getting as much interaction on Facebook as I’d like, I do know that I am getting traffic from Facebook. I plan to dig into this further in October.

In September, I purchased Strategies Worth Sharing. I highly recommend this book! I am also going to take the Massive Growth Strategies by Moolah at some point. This is the Facebook course, and I plan to take it when it’s offered early next year.

My other October Goals:

  • Post 3x per week. Check! Well, I think that one week only had 2 posts, but that’s close enough.
  • Read 3 books (or courses) on blogging, social media, etc. Check! I read 3 books about Virtual Assistant Services on Kindle Unlimited (click for a free 30 day trial!) and then I read Traffic Transformation, which had been on my reading list for a while. I’ll let you know what I think about that book next month, since I only read it two days ago.
  • Set up t-shirt design site. Check! I haven’t created many designs yet, but I will at some point. I was being a little ambitious trying to do t-shirt design with so much else going on right now.
  • Set up a page to offer VA services. Check! It’s live!
  • Send the email newsletter every week. Check! Even with the MailChimp fiasco, I sent out an email every week.
  • Keep up with editorial calendar, set up calendar through December. Check (kind of) It’s only set up through November, but I decided to only schedule my calendar one month out.

Goals for November

Traffic and Social Media

Blog Traffic: 20,000 page views

Pinterest: 1750 followers

Facebook: 200 followers

Email newsletter: 500

I’m not setting any crazy ambitious social media goals. I don’t plan to work very hard on growing social media, but instead focusing on blog traffic and creating good content based on what you are asking to see!

Other Goals

  • Post 2x per week minimum.
  • Read 2 books or take 2 courses.
  • Get 1-2 more VA clients.
  • Send the email newsletter every week.
  • Keep up with editorial calendar on a monthly basis.
  • Re-write and create new images for 10+ older blog posts.

Again, I am keeping similar goals to last month. I have already started re-writing and creating new images for older blog posts, but I want to continue that. I have some older posts that get a good amount of traffic, but they weren’t very updated. This month I am going to change that.

Thanks for checking out the October blog traffic report! If you are trying to increase your blog traffic, I highly recommend giving manual pinning a try. What have you done to increase your traffic? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

How I increased my blog traffic by nearly 300% doing ONE SMALL THING! If you're trying to grow your blog, you need to read my October blog traffic report!

My Favorite Blogging Resources

These are some of the blogging resources that I’ve been using, and can honestly recommend to anyone.

Making Sense of Affiliating Marketing is my favorite course for figuring out how to make affiliate marketing work for you. No matter what your niche, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with a blog.

Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing. I mentioned this course earlier, and I learned so much in a short book. I’m saving for the Facebook Strategies Course by Moolah, but this book is a great and inexpensive tool to learn the ins and outs of Facebook.

The Blogging Bundle by Sarah Titus has so much good information for new bloggers. I got mine as part of the BCStack, but that only comes around once a year. She also sells it in her own store.

Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling or Pinteresting Strategies for everything you need to know about manual pinning.

I use Creative Cloud (Lightroom and Photoshop) to create all of my graphics for my blog and social media platforms. I highly recommend it, especially since many free companies like PicMonkey have started charging.

If you got this far, thank you again for reading the October Blog Traffic report! I hope that my little blog will inspire you if you’re thinking about starting a blog yourself.

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