September Blog Traffic Report + Stats and Goals

September blog traffic report

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September Blog Traffic Report + Stats and Goals

Last month, I started keeping track of my blog traffic, stats, and goals for the next month. I’m not including full income reports yet, but that may come at a later time. If you’re wondering why I would share these numbers, there are actually two reasons. The first is that it’s a way for me to see my own progress. I also find blog traffic reports and income reports from other bloggers to be helpful and inspiring. My goal is to be helpful and inspiring to new bloggers someday.

September Blog Traffic Report

The month of September was slower, for a few reasons. I shot a destination wedding in Maui, and we spent 9 days exploring 3 islands in Hawaii. I took a blogging break while I was gone, so there weren’t many new posts last month. I did schedule social media while I was gone, but I wasn’t as interactive as I usually am.

We also temporarily moved cross country at the end of the month, relocating from Missouri to Florida. Obviously the move, and being gone, weren’t good for traffic. I expected this, so I am not disappointed in the small drop in traffic.

Monetary Goals

As I mentioned last month, my monetary goal is to earn $2000 a month by the end of the year. I feel like $2000 per month will make all of the effort that I put into blogging (somewhat) “worth it.” My ultimate goal, the number that I want to reach monetarily, is $5000 per month.  I know that there are many, many bloggers who make more, but that is the goal that I’ve set for myself.

September didn’t bring me anywhere close to this goal, but I was completely absent for about half of the month.

I credit the small amount that I do make from blogging to Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I’ve been using affiliate marketing since I started my blog, but I only started seeing income after completing the course. I am also starting to do some sponsored posts that fit within my blog and values, and my ad income is going up more than it ever has.

The actual numbers

These are the goals that I set at the end of August. Some of them were a success, some were close, and the others were an opportunity to learn.

Blog Traffic Goals 10,000 sessions in September

FAIL: I only ended up with just over 5500. Again, I attributed that to the lack of new blog posts and interaction on social media.

Amy and Brandon Adventures: 5000 sessions in September.

FAIL: The travel blog was way down, around 1000. I’m not sure if this is because it’s a new blog, but it’s not my main focus now. We enjoy our travel blog and YouTube channel, but it’s really for fun right now.

Social Media Goals

The good news is that social media was up in September!


GOAL: 300

ACTUAL: 302 (yay!)

Instagram: (Amy and Brandon Adventures)

GOAL: 200


I hate Instagram. We had almost 200, but it dropped way down. Honestly, Instagram doesn’t bring much traffic to either blog. We will still use it for fun, but focus on Pinterest and Facebook for traffic.


GOAL: I forgot to set a goal, again.

ACTUAL: 1451, up 104 followers.

Pinterest has been growly slowly, but surely since I started using Tailwind. I’ll write a full review soon, but it’s a valuable tool.

Email List

GOAL: 300 subscribers

ACTUAL: The last time I checked, I was at 304. My goal for October is 350.


GOAL: 200


Okay, so this is technically a fail, BUT, I do feel like I had some successes. I had two Facebook posts go very viral (over 25k reach on my tiny page, and still growing!) That’s a win for me. I did get a few new likes from it as well. I anticipate my Facebook numbers to go up. I’m happy with this, because I get a small amount of traffic from Facebook. In September, I purchased Strategies Worth Sharing. I highly recommend this book! I credit the book with how I got those virals, and the likes that I got from them.

New posts for

Tips for new parents

August Blog Traffic Report and Stats

How do bloggers make money?

Like I mentioned earlier, September was pretty lean in the new posts department. I wish I’d have scheduled a few to post throughout the month, but that’s a lesson learned!

Most popular post in September: 8 things I stopped buying to save money

New posts for

0 new posts, but I am working on several for the month of October.

Life Updates

Just when I thought August was crazy, September was even crazier. We flew out to Hawaii for 9 days, shot a wedding, did some island-hopping, and enjoyed our time there. When we got home, we got rid of a lot of stuff, put most of the rest in storage, and took what would fit in the van down to Florida. Fortunately October has been much more relaxing already. I’ve had more time to work on the blog, and I’m already seeing results from that.

Working hard in Maui.

What worked and what didn’t

I was happy to see social media growing in September. I bought the Strategies worth sharing master package, and I’ve had three viral posts on Facebook just by implementing a few simple steps! My Facebook page has grown for the first time in months, and my reach has expanded in a huge way. I am looking forward to diving further into Facebook in the coming months.

As long as things continue to grow, I will be happy. I am working hard, and I know that it will pay off.

Goals for October

Traffic and Social Media

Blog Traffic: 10,000 sessions

Pinterest: 1750 followers

Facebook: 200 followers

Email newsletter: 350

Other Goals

  • Post 3x per week.
  • Read 3 books (or courses) on blogging, social media, etc.
  • Set up t-shirt design site.
  • Set up a page to offer VA services.
  • Send the email newsletter every week.
  • Keep up with editorial calendar, set up calendar through December.

My Favorite Blogging Resources

These are some of the blogging resources that I’ve been using, and can honestly recommend to anyone.

Making Sense of Affiliating Marketing is my favorite course for figuring out how to make affiliate marketing work for you. No matter what your niche, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with a blog.

Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing. I mentioned this course earlier, and I learned so much in a short book. I’m saving for the Facebook Strategies Course by Moolah, but this book is a great and inexpensive tool to learn the ins and outs of Facebook.

The Blogging Bundle by Sarah Titus has so much good information for new bloggers. I got mine as part of the BCStack, but that only comes around once a year. She also sells it in her own store.

Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling. I used to use BoardBooster, but I noticed a big increase of traffic when I switched to Tailwind. I use a hybrid of manual pinning (similar to Pinteresting Strategies) and Tailwind and I’ve had good results.

I use Creative Cloud (Lightroom and Photoshop) to create all of my graphics for my blog and social media platforms. I highly recommend it, especially since many free companies like PicMonkey have started charging.

If you got this far, thank you so much for reading my September Blog Traffic report! I hope that my little blog will inspire you if you’re thinking about starting a blog yourself.

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