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subscribe and save tips

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Subscribe and Save tips

If you have an Amazon subscription but are not taking advantage of the Subscribe and Save program, you’re going to want to read this! I’ve been an Amazon subscriber for years, but only started utilizing Subscribe and Save about two years ago. I hope that these subscribe and save tips will help you save a lot of money!

What is Amazon Subscribe and Save?

Amazon Subscribe and Save allows you to order variety of products  on a regular basis with a savings of 5-15%. The items can be ordered monthly, every two months, six months, etc. The best part about Subscribe and Save is that you are under no obligation to continue your subscription. If you only need an item one time, you can easily cancel your subscription after the first purchase.

So what are my favorite products to order with Subscribe and Save?

You can order a wide variety of household items and food with Subscribe and Save. I typically order household items, but I order some food items as well. Sometimes you will be ordering in bulk, but many times you can order just one item on Subscribe and Save. I love using Subscribe and Save because the price is almost always less than other places, and I don’t have to go anywhere!
You will know if an item is eligible for Subscribe and Save if you see the option on the main product screen.
subscribe and save tips

What do I buy?

Toilet Paper

 This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. We all need it and we all use it. I typically buy Cottonelle UltraComfort Care. There is a 20% coupon available now. I tried some Scott “tubeless” toilet paper through Subscribe and Save and really didn’t like it, just a warning!


These Amazon basics batteries are great! As a professional photographer, I go through a lot of batteries. I have found that these work just as well as more expensive brands. They also work well for Xbox controllers. 😉

Cassava Flour

This may seem like a weird item, but Cassava flour makes the BEST gluten free/grain free tortillas! My gluten loving husband says that these tortillas are his favorite.

Laundry Soap

I buy my Tide pods with subscribe and save. At the time of this post, there is a $5 coupon that can be applied to your first order! It’s much cheaper than anywhere else, no cutting coupons (well, the paper kind) required!

Diapers and Wipes

I don’t have babies anymore, but I do have a stubborn little three year old who hates the potty. So, unfortunately, I am still using Subscribe and Save for pull-ups and wipes. I recently discovered Amazon Elements wipes, which I really like so far! We currently use Pull-ups (current $3 coupon!) but I have also found great deals on Huggies and 7th Generation diapers.

Essential Oils

I mentioned this in my Best Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil post, but I love buying my essential oils on Amazon! You do need to be careful about the brand and quality, but I recommend the Plant Therapy brand. You can buy some of the individual bottles through subscribe and save, but this starter kit will get you started!

More subscribe and save tips

Always make sure to check your order before it goes through every month. Check to ensure that you’re getting the best current price, and using any available coupons! Prices can change on a month to month basis, so make sure to double check.

Creating a price list can help keep you organized when ordering through subscribe and save. Make notes of how much you paid for a particular item, any coupons, and the date it was ordered.

Any subscribe and save order is eligible for a 5% discount. Ordering 5 or more items in one month qualifies you for a 15% discount. I try not to buy unnecessary items, but I like to schedule 5 items at the same time for the savings.

If you have any kind of food allergy in your home, Subscribe and Save can be a great way to get specialty foods in bulk. I have bought lots of gluten free staples and miscellaneous flours through Subscribe and Save. These crackers and Bob’s Red Mill flour are favorites in our house.

There you have it! The best Subscribe and Save tips from a long time Amazon user. What do you buy with subscribe and save? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Want to be more productive? Click Here to download my daily tasks checklist!

Looking to save a BUNCH on household items and pantry staples? Amazon Subscribe and Save tips + exactly what I buy to save $$ every month!



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