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If you’re a new mom, you’re probably hearing advice from anyone and everyone. As a mommy of almost 10 years, I’ve been given tons of advice. I’ve also given out some advice over the years, and it’s usually only when I am asked. I have two pieces of parenting advice, and they’re not even the slightest bit controversial. You read that right. No breastfeeding vs. formula, vaccines, or organic sunscreen debates over here. I am simply going to share the best parenting advice that I’ve learned in my almost 10 years as a parent. 

Have you ever heard any of the following advice?

Make sure to breastfeed your baby, formula is poison.

You’re breastfed baby probably probably isn’t eating enough, she needs formula.

You should wear your baby if you want to have a close bond.

You shouldn’t wear your baby, she’ll never be independent.

Don’t do baby led weaning, your baby will certainly choke and die.

Don’t give your baby store-bought baby food, chemicals.

Sleep near your baby.

Don’t sleep near your baby.

My favorite: Can your baby breathe in that thing? (Baby carrier.) 

When it comes to tips for new parents and parenting advice, everyone has an opinion. Guess what? You don’t have to listen to them! It’s your baby, your decision. I wish I would have told people that when I had my oldest. I did a lot of things because I was “supposed” to or because people said I should, and some of them felt very wrong. With my second and third child, things were very different. So, if you happen to feel like reading a couple of pieces of totally non-controversial parenting advice, keep reading!

Tips for new parents

Park next to the cart return. Yep, that is the best piece of parenting advice that you’ll ever read! Well, it’s been the best one for me anyway. Always park next to the cart return, even if it means walking more. Hey, as a parent, it can be tough to get into a fitness routine, so a little extra walking won’t hurt! Parking next to the cart return means you can put your kids and groceries in the car, and return it without leaving the car. The alternative is hauling the kids to the cart return and hauling them back. It’s a huge pain, especially with multiple kids.

I said no controversial stuff here, but while I’m on the topic of shopping carts.. Don’t put an infant seat on the cart. Just don’t do it. It isn’t safe and they’re not meant for infant car seats. Either put the car seat in the actual cart, use a cart with a built in baby seat or (my #1 choice) wear the baby on your front or back. This leaves more room for groceries and/or other kids.

My second tip, to use when your child is a little older..

Give your kids popsicles in the bathtub. Or a baby pool outside. I’ve been asked for a lot of parenting advice over the years, and this one always seems to mind blowing. Popsicles and kids are a terrible mix. They are so, so, SO messy. An instant solution is giving your kids popsicles in the bathtub. Popsicles have too much sugar you say? Well, make your own with fruit or juice, problem solved. I use these popsicle molds because they’re practical, but there are lots of other fun popsicle molds out there. Seriously though, give the kids popsicles in the tub or in a baby pool, and never anywhere else. You will thank me later. I am pretty sure my kids think that it’s illegal to have popsicles anywhere else. I haven’t said that, but I haven’t not said it either.

On a side note, if you have a teething baby, you can make “milk-sicles” with a easy to grip mold like this one! If they’re under six months, just freeze breast milk or formula!



While I am talking about parenting advice, I have one of the best tips for new parents that you’ll ever read. Don’t worry about what other people think or tell you. If you follow your own instincts, you’re probably going to be fine. Ask a professional or someone who seems like a pro at parenting if you need to. Otherwise, don’t worry about what anyone says or thinks. Parenting advice changes all the time. A well meaning old lady or family member might mean well when they suggest whiskey for a teething baby, but.. just don’t.

Parenting is hard work

Parenting is hard work, and we all need to be less judgmental about it. Do what works for you, and only accept the advice that you want. If you have any awesome tips for new parents that won’t make other moms feel like crap, feel free to share it in the comments! In the meantime, park next to the cart return, only do bath time popsicles, and smile and nod when someone gives you ridiculous advice.

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Hey new moms! You need to read this. This is the best parenting advice you'll ever read, and encouraging for new parents! These two simple tips for new parents from a mom who has been there done that will brighten your day. No controversial stuff here! Keep on rocking, awesome mom!

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