Travel Essentials for Summer

travel essentials for summer

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Travel Essentials for Summer

Travel is a big part of summer, and it’s a big part of my blog! Some of my travel posts are doing quite well on Pinterest right now, and I’d like share some more tips with you. Today I am going to be talking about travel essentials. When it comes to travel, I try to stick to a minimalist packing list. I don’t like carrying a lot of stuff with me.

What to put it in: the travel bag

My favorite travel bag is the Evermore by the House of Flynn. This bag was originally intended to be a camera bag, and I do love the protection that it gives my camera and laptop. However, I also use it as a travel bag. It’s perfect as a carry on, and can even be used as a personal item as it fits under the seat of a plane! House of Flynn now carries the same bag in a diaper bag style, and a backpack. This is a pricey bag, but it’s worth the investment in my case since I typically carry thousands of dollars of camera equipment.

What I'm packing for Hawaii | travel essentials for summer | House of Flynn Evermore bag

I also love the small AmazonBasics camera bag. If you need a budget-friendly camera bag, look no further. Unlike the Evermore, this bag is too small to pack all of your luggage, but it would be great as a personal item. If you prefer something on wheels, I am loving the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage. I don’t see any reason to use luggage with regular wheels now that spinner wheels are on option. They make life a lot easier. It may seem like there is a trend here, but I do think that AmazonBasics has some quality stuff at reasonable prices.

You have to wear something: clothes

Okay, I’m not going to tell you what clothes to wear. The one piece of advice that I will share is to pack versatile clothing and things that coordinate well. If you have a minimalist or “capsule” wardrobe, most of your things probably match anyway. Packing in the most minimal way possible, and taking pieces that are multi-purpose is one of the best ways to avoid the stress of bringing too much.

Being able to separate your things into different bags, like these, for packing is also simple and easy. I think that packing clothing and other loose items into small bags makes it easier when it comes time to do the suitcase puzzle. This is especially important if you’re only bringing carry on luggage. The bags that I recommended do come with a laundry bag, but I personally use a large wetbag that is meant for cloth diapers. I have found that these bags are amazing for dirty clothes. They are water resistant, and keep your clean clothes safe from the dirty clothes. I’ve been using a bag like this one for years, and I love it!

Those pesky carry on rules

I’ve been using Ziploc quart size bags, but I think that I am going to upgrade to something reusable. I like this TSA approved bag because it comes with four silicone bottles. Speaking of silicone, I am also still using the Baiji water bottles that I purchased over a year ago. I wrote a full review for these water bottles in this post, so please check it out if you’re looking for a great travel water bottle! It isn’t perfect, but I do find myself using it more than any other water bottle for travel. Who wants to spend $4 on a bottle of water in the airport?

Flights & Lodging

Okay, you can’t put these in your bag but they are tips worth mentioning. My favorite travel tip is to check AirBnb for accommodations. I wrote a post about why to stay in a vacation rental in Hawaii, but the tips are the same no matter what your destination. I love staying in a vacation rental because you have many conveniences that you may not have in a hotel. The price usually ends up being lower, which is a definite bonus! The other important tip to always check Hotwire for flights, lodging and car rentals if you’re flexible or not very picky. It has saved hundreds of dollars for me!

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I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite travel essentials for summer! If you have any great travel essential recommendations, or travel tips, please leave them in the comments! Make sure to pin it for later if you’d like to save it or share with your friends!

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