Why the Whole 30 is a Joke | My Whole 30 Failure

Why the whole 30 is a joke

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Why the Whole 30 is a joke

I am a Whole 30 failure. I will go into more detail on why I believe that the Whole 30 is a joke, first, let’s talk about the Paleo Diet. I think that the Paleo diet is a great starting point. There are many interpretations of the Paleo diet. The basic idea of the paleo diet is eating like our ancestors did. Eating whole, real good as nature intended. I can’t argue with the paleo diet, and that isn’t what this is about. When I eat a diet that excludes processed junk food, I feel fantastic. I bet you will too! So what is the Whole 30 and why is it a joke?

The Whole 30 is basically (to quote a friend) “paleo on steroids.” The Whole 30 a STRICT paleo diet x1000. Honestly, it isn’t a bad idea for everyone. I sound like I am contradicting myself here,
but I’m not. The basic idea behind the Whole 30 is whole, eat real food for 30 days, feel better by the end. It sounds fantastic, but the rules just kill me. If you have a scoop of almond butter with honey in it, start over. If you a moment of weakness and put some coconut creamer in your coffee? START OVER. I understand starting over if you down a 12-pack and binge on an entire pizza, but it’s the little things that get me. On the Whole 30, they say that it won’t kill you to have 1g of sugar in your lunch meat. “They” say that the reason for avoiding ALL added sugar is to make you more aware of your labels and what goes in to food.

Why the Whole 30 is a joke. The story of my Whole 30 failure, and why I'm not sorry for it!

I AM A LABEL READER. I have Celiac disease. I read every label on everything. I am aware.

Does it make sense to have added sugar in everything? No. Is a trivial amount of sugar from a bit of honey added in chicken broth going to kill you? Probably not. Is it going to send you into a downward spiral of eating 57 snickers bars because of the 1g of sugar in your chicken broth? I don’t see that happening. This is my main issue with the Whole 30. This is why I think the Whole 30 is a joke.

Not only are the rules a bit on the harsh side, they are ever-changing. On the one hand, I applaud the creators of the Whole 30 for realizing that they initially made some mistakes. Rules like no coffee, no white potatoes, no smoothies, and other things have been changed over the past few years. There are now adaptations for Whole 30 vegans and vegetarians where beans are allowed. It’s really hard to keep up with the current rules because they seem to change so much. They also used to call food “legal” if it was allowed and “illegal” if it wasn’t. Yes, illegal. That is a bit over the top.

I recently found some Trader Joe’s chicken sausage on sale at my local discount store. It had a small amount of added maple syrup, so it isn’t Whole 30 compliant. My options were to take a 1 hour trip to Target to buy Aidel’s chicken sausage and pay 3x more, or say screw the Whole 30 and buy the otherwise healthy chicken sausage. As someone who wants to feed my family well on a budget, there was no way that I was going to take option 1. I firmly believe that real food should be a priority for every family. I firmly believe that eating healthy food is a good investment in your future. I firmly believe that it is possible to eat well on a budget. I firmly believe that the Whole 30 is a joke.

I failed the Whole 30. I tried to go back and re-start, and then I just decided that it wasn’t worth it. You can call me a quitter, or a failure. I am okay with that. I am still drinking my black coffee, I am still eating a mostly Paleolithic-style diet. I still feel great, I am doing what is best for me. If that makes me a Whole 30 failure. I am okay with that. If you unexplained problems that seem to be food related, maybe a Whole 30 or another type of elimination diet may be right for you. It just wasn’t for me.



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