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work at home mom gift ideas | work at home mom gift guide

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Work at Home Mom Gift Ideas

As a mom who has worked at home in some capacity for over 8 years, I know what makes a great WAHM gift! Work at home moms face a unique set of challenges. It’s tough to have work responsibilities, timelines, plus having kids at home on top of it! For most work at home moms, this is the reality! As moms, we sometimes tend to neglect the things we want and focus on things the kids want, things for the house, etc. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just how our brains tend to work. This means that there’s probably something the work at home mom in your life needs, but hasn’t gotten around to buying for herself.

A good set of headphones

One of my favorite gifts that I ever received were my Powerbeats headphones. My husband got them for me last Christmas, and I use them almost daily. I love using them for phone calls, listening to podcasts, working out, traveling and more. Let’s face it, work at home moms are usually multi-tasking, and it’s nice to have your hands free. My husband and I both have Beats brand headphones, and we love them. He has the larger over the ear variety, which are great for blocking out noise. This can be convenient for travel, or just being at home trying to focus.

Anything coffee related

Who doesn’t love coffee amirite?! Well, not everyone loves coffee, but it’s safe to say that most of us work at home moms love caffeine in some form. You might need to get some hints for this one, but I’m sure your work at home mom would enjoy a caffeine boost.

You could buy her favorite coffee or tea, a new coffee accessory, or even something simple like a Starbucks gift card. My favorite coffee accessory is the Koffie Straw. It seems silly, but this little straw keeps your teeth whiter and is a great alternative to disposable stir sticks.. I’ve been using mine every day for over  year and a half.

Looking for a bigger gift? Why not give a new Keurig (lots of fun colors!) or something like a French Press.

Stability ball chair

This might seem like a weird gift, but I’m writing this blog post from the most uncomfortable stool ever. We’re currently in a temporary rental, and just using the furniture that was already here. Next time we move, I’d like to invest in one of these chairs. It’s great for your core, and definitely more comfortable than a barstool!

I know a few other work at home (and work out of the home) moms who really love their stability ball chairs, so I think it would make a great gift.

Kindle or a Kindle Unlimited

I love using my Kindle to de-stress and do some reading. I used to have Pinterest on my Kindle, but now that I use Pinterest heavily for work, my Kindle is strictly reading only! If the work at home mom in your life already has a Kindle, I think that a gift subscription to Kindle Unlimited is a great gift. Kindle Unlimited gift subscriptions are available for 6, 12 or 24 months.

I love learning, and there are lots of business and productivity books on Kindle Unlimited. If she already has a Kindle, or might not want Kindle unlimited, what about an Echo or Echo Dot? I don’t have one of these, but I’ve seen them and I think they’d be a cool gift! Anything that makes life easier or hands free is a great work at home mom gift idea.

Water Bottle

I know that a water bottle doesn’t seem like a very personal gift, but bear with me.  I recently bought a Hydroflask, and I love it! Having a good water bottle reduces waste, and helps you drink more water. I think a high quality, fun water bottle makes a great gift for the work at home mom who has everything. Another earth-friendly and budget-friendly alternative to the Hydroflask is a glass water bottle. I used to have one of these, and I liked it. I just prefer the Hydroflask because it keeps water cold all day (and night!)

Travel Accessories

If you’re looking for a gift for the work at home mom who travels, travel accessories are a great idea. A nice neck pillow is useful for air travel. I’ve lost two this year, yes two, so it’s always good to have a backup. Other options could be a new travel bag or water bottle (like the one mentioned above.)


I don’t recommend buying fitness gifts or gym memberships for someone who shows no interest in them. That’s pretty rude! That being said, if you know she has an interest in health and fitness, there are lots of gift ideas that work well. A subscription to a gym or yoga studio can be a great gift. If you know that she loves working out at home, many home programs offer gift subscriptions. What about a new yoga mat or resistance band set?


Nerdy Stuff

Is your stay at home mom a little geeky? If so, you can find the perfect gift over at I love this website because they have the most unique items. They even have an entire section dedicated to gifts for moms. If your work at home mom is a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon, or much, much more, this is the place to find a truly unique gift.


Last, but certainly not least. It may not the most exciting gift, but most moms would appreciate a gift in the “services” category. Here are some ideas that most work at home mom would love:

  • House cleaning service.
  • Child care services for a girls night or date night.
  • Gift Certificate for a salon service or massage.
  • A VA for her busy growing business.
  • A gift card to her favorite store.

I hope that these work at home mom gift ideas helped guide you to the perfect gift for the work at home mom in your life! If you’re a work at home mom, I’d love to know your favorite gift that you received. Don’t forget to check out my other gift guides, and share this with anyone who needs to buy a gift for a work at home mom!

Looking for a GREAT gift idea for a work at home mom? This work at home mom gift guide will help you find it! Work at home mom gift ideas for the special WAHM in your life!


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