Is Xero good for small business?

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Is Xero good for small business? Xero accounting software review

As a small business owner, I am always on the lookout for products and services that will save time and increase productivity. If I said that accounting was my favorite part of being a small business owner, well, I’d be lying. What I was looking for was service that made invoicing, balancing books, and viewing payments that were being made and received simple. Did I find it? Keep reading to find out.

Who needs accounting software?

Do you run any kind of small business, photography, blogging, cleaning houses? If you are taking payments and making purchases, you need to keep track of income and expenses. A simple spreadsheet may do the trick in the beginning, but eventually most of us find ourselves needing something more. So, is Xero good for small businesses? I think that the answer is yes. Here is why.

Why I like Xero

1. Ease of use.

As you can see from the dashboard below, Xero is really user friendly. The dashboard can be customized to fit your needs, and it’s nice to have everything right there in front of you. You can hide windows that you use less frequently, or move them around to whatever order works best for you.

is xero good for small business

2. Reconcile Accounts.

You can connect your business account directly into the Xero dashboard. If you’re not separating your business and personal finances, you definitely need to get on that! Connecting to your bank allows you to match invoices and expenses and reconcile as needed. This is great if you have quite a bit coming in and out, because it is much harder to track without a software like Xero.

3. Billing.

You can send invoices and show expected payments right from your dashboard. It’s very nice to log in and have all of that information right in front of you. I have previously used PayPal for invoicing and while it works, the interface is definitely inferior. You can also keep track of your upcoming bills and your spending right from the dashboard as well.

4. Payroll.

I currently do not have any employees or contractors, so the payroll part of the software isn’t something that I would use. That being said, for a growing business it is nice to have this option. I can definitely see myself hiring contractors in the next year or two. I didn’t dig into this feature much, but I can see myself utilizing it in the future.

5. Mobile Friendly.

It’s worth noting that Xero is mobile friendly. In 2017 being mobile-friendly is pretty much expected. It’s still worth mentioning that Xero has the “Xero touch” app since so many of us do so much work off phones, tablets, and iPads. I regularly need to send invoices on the go, so this is a great feature for me and my business.

6. Affordability

With plans starting at $9 per month, Xero is an affordable accounting solution for any small business. I have noticed that in both personal and business finances, tracking income and outgo efficiently can result in less spending overall. Being able to connect to your bank an also help alert you to any errors or fraudulent activity quickly. If you’re ready to get started, go here and use the code XERO30NOW for 30% off!

Is Xero good for small business? If you're looking for the best cloud accounting software, look no further! Read my review of Xero if you're looking for a great accounting software for your small business!

Subscription Service

If you’re hesitant about the subscription model, I used to be right there with you. The truth is that many services have gone to using a subscription model. I resisted for a while, but when my personal finance software and my editing software both went to a subscription model, I had to switch over. The truth is that I now think it’s better. By paying a subscription, you are putting in money monthly which in most cases means regular updates and new features. It took me a while to get on board, but I now believe that the subscription model means regular updates as well as improved customer service.

A truly free trial

I have talked about this before, but I hate “free trials” where you have to input your credit card information. If you don’t enjoy the service, cancelling usually entails multiple phone calls and arguing with a representative on why the product isn’t right for you. Jumping through hoops to cancel a “free” trial is never fun, but luckily you won’t have to worry about that. This isn’t the case with the Xero free trial. The trial is absolutely free, no strings attached. When a company gives you a no-strings-attached trial, I believe it is because they are confident that you will love their product.


If your blog or small business is getting overrun, I highly suggest giving Xero a try. As mentioned, their free trial is absolutely free with no credit card info is required. If you’re ready to make the jump to using Xero, I have an amazing coupon code for you! Use XERO30NOW to save 30% on 6 months with Xero.

So, is Xero good for small business? My answer is yes. If the accounting part of running a small business isn’t your thing, the Xero software will help streamline your systems and take the hassle out of it for you.

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